Friday, January 28, 2011

Margo's 1st Birthday

Today our baby Margo turns 1 year old!!

"Imma so cute."

Aunt Shelly came over to help decorate and have birthday dinner with us last night:

Jon looks like he's in pain because he doesn't like celebrating animal birthdays, he thought you all should know this was totally and 100% my idea.

Aunt Shelly and I made Margo this super cute birthday banner (bone by Michelle). P.S. check out the new antiqued picture frame Jon and I made this week. I love :)

Aunt Shelly even helped make and decorate Margo's dog safe birthday cake!

Since we had burgers for dinner, Margo got a doggy bone shaped mini patty!

Margo LOVED opening her present. She has come a long way since Christmas:

gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme

What is that??!!

New Margo sized Tennis Balls!
(She had a regular size one for a while but she ripped all the fluff off of it and it was really too big for her to easily carry.)

"Thank you, Daddy - I love 'em!!"

Aunt Shelly and Margo spent the evening playing fetch together with her new toys:

Fun was had by all!

My coworker also got Margo a little doggy cookie, new chew bones and yummy treats today :) She is one spoiled pup.

Happy Birthday Margo!!

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Rachael said...

Happy Birthday Margo! How fun!