Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The 8th Valentine

February 14, 2004: Jon and Steph (having known each other for about a month) went to see "50 First Dates". It was not their first date, but this might have been a better story if it was :) They both hated the movie. Luckily this shared opinion made their relationship stronger instead of tearing them apart, leading to many future (and more successful) Valentine's Day adventures...

-Flash forward 8 years-

February 14, 2011: Jon and Steph celebrate their 8th Valentine's day together:

The morning began with the alarm going off at 4am and Steph handing Jon a cute card and a bag of amazingly delicious caramel candies.

(A friend in our ward sells homemade caramels on Etsy. You should buy some. She ships out of state. Seriously. Caramel Cravings. You will not be disappointed.)

Steph headed to work for the day and when she got home, she found this:

Jon had hand-picked irises, tulips and carnations to put together the most beautiful vase of flowers for Steph! The card was hilarious. Stickman Striptease:

HAHAHA. The inside was really sweet. Jon writes well :)

Since Steph had class that night, Jon gave her time to practice for band and in the meantime he made her a surprise dinner of steak fajitas! (by the way, we do not have mice. This picture is actually post dinner which is why some of the food looks eaten...)

Jon said he wanted to make Steph her favorite food. It was the best meal ever. Homemade guacamole, homemade pico de gallo and spanish rice, grilled onions and bell peppers... Jon is a fantastic chef.

Steph went to class and was back home by 9:30pm. When she got home, there was Jon holding:

a homemade crepe with nutella and bananas for dessert! Steph was definitely spoiled.

Thank you Jon for making our 8th Valentine's day the best one yet! Even though we didn't actually get a picture of the two of us together, I know this day will always mean a lot to me.

We of course try to celebrate our love EVERY day, but it is fun every once in a while to really make it special. Who doesn't love an excuse for good food, flowers and happy times?

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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