Sunday, February 27, 2011

Greetings from Washington DC!

Yes, that's right! What am I doing here you ask? Well work sent me on a 7 day business trip to our nation's capitol since I'm on our East Coast team at work (and have been for a year now) So I finally get to see where all these places are that I'm always telling people about over the phone!

It's actually been a crazy month for us (although when is it NOT crazy at the Alston household?) I got a new position at work which means I'm moving from my 3.5 year post in guest services to a sales position, which is going well so far! But it has also meant training my replacement in our GSR team and being trained myself in the art of selling apartments over the phone that I've never even seen before. All that training has made me very very very busy and when I get home I either have school, or I'm too tired to do anything else and I take naps.

Well and then they told me last Tuesday that they wanted to send me to D.C. this coming week and so BAM I naturally got the worst cold I've had in YEARS. It knocked me out really good. Wednesday I stayed home from work, Thursday I managed to go into the office, but was miserable and then Friday I went in late because I just couldn't make it at 5:30am. Every day right after work I would come home and crash in bed and sleep all the way through to the next morning. I was also on non-stop cold medicine. So I didn't really have a lot of time to plan for my trip and/or tell many people about it.

Jon was amazingly supportive and took care of me all week and helped me pack, even though he didn't come on the trip with me. He's awesome like that. But I really miss him :( Bearded face and all.

Photo by Gabby Uppal - NOT in Washington DC

So now I'm in D.C. I had a 5 hour flight today and am feeling a lot better (although I don't sound it). One of my ears took 4 hours to pop after landing so that was awesome. Work also rented me a car for the week. I have a cute new silver Ford Focus that says I'm from Massachusetts. Pretty fun :) It makes me think of Annie on Community when they go out to a bar for Troy's birthday and she gets a fake ID which makes her feel like she has to act like the person on the ID right down to the Texan accent. HAHA. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about?

Well, so far I don't have any pictures from D.C. to show you, but I will soon. I really wish I had been able to come at the end of March during the cherry blossom festival. I've always loved cherry blossom trees anyway and the fact that DC has a million of them that all bloom at once in the Spring is rad! Maybe someday...

Well I've got a full week of work ahead of me, and now that I'm here I can actually try to plan some fun things to do! I at least got to see the Pentagon, the Capitol building, the top dome of the Jefferson Memorial, and the Washington Memorial tonight... From afar as we drove past, but still pretty cool :) Go America!


M. said...

I totally know what you're talking about with Annie and the fake ID! I love Community.

I hope you get chance to sight see a little bit, maybe to a Smithsonian gallery or two!

Brittany Lewis said...

I'm sorry you were sick, but that's awesome that you got to go to D.C.!! Have fun! Though, it really would be more awesome if your spouse was with you, huh?

Steph said...

haha thank you! Tomorrow I plan to hit the National Mall (and by hit, I mean walk around it) and yes, it would be MUCH better if Jon was here :(

The Frosts said...

I watch community! That was a weird but awesome episode!