Friday, August 26, 2011

Meet Tim & Ali

These are our friends Tim & Ali:

On Monday they invited us over for dinner. They are leaving for Ireland soon so that they can do a semester abroad! Ali studies Law and Tim is working on his masters in Jazz Studies.

I love going over to the Goff's house - their home is so unique and the food is always amazing.

There is never a loss for color and art at the Goff house. Jon has told me before that he would love for our house to be interesting like theirs. There is always something to look at. It's a beautiful collection of awesome personality:

When Jon and I come over, cooking is always a family event:

They use fresh food from their garden:

With homemade pizzas as appetizers and chicken with asparagus and goat cheese on the menu, how can you go wrong??

Of course the cats were really the stars of the show:

The boys were a little jealous of this...

To see more of our harrowing adventures and kitty mustache licking - check out the finals here.

Thank you, Tim and Ali, for an awesome night! Have fun in Ireland!

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