Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cookies for Margo

I recently opened up my crafty side (and took an idea from a display at my work) and made Margo her very own cookie jar!

Previously we just kept her cookies in the box, but this is way more fun :)

The clear craft paint cans at Beverly's were the perfect jar. I used purple polka dot scrapbook paper for the top of the lid, and found bone and paw print stickers (bogo free!) to embellish.

The letters are brown chipboard alphabet stickers, and the finishing touch was 4 alternating 1/4 inch ribbon prints. Purple polka dots, brown polka dots, brown paw prints and tan bones that say "bow-wow".

I was SO happy with the finished product! Margo loves it too. Whenever we pull out the cookie jar, she knows they are for her!

This idea would also be awesome in different colors for gifts and REAL human cookies too. The clear paint cans come in all different sizes. Happy crafting!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

More Birthdays!

September 11th was Jon's Mom's 60th birthday. We had dinner at his parent's house to celebrate. It was a pretty small deal since the big celebration was all of us going to San Diego back in July.

Chris looks radiant, as always

Jon and I got her a cute sign to go with their decor...

Their home is very woodland-esque. See what I mean?

Jon's mom also has a bright green thumb and is pretty much an animal whisperer. Flowers and bird houses, baths and feeders can be found all around the yard.

Of course I mean birds of all shapes and sizes. The chickens have their own coop next to the garden, which Margo thoroughly enjoys.

Margo even got in some play time with Shasta. She loves to roll around and tease Shasta, trying to steal her toys away. Shasta has always been really gentle with Margo and will softly growl right back while waving her toys just out of Margo's reach.

Our neice, AnnMarie, and sister in law Amanda were also there for dinner. AnnMarie loves playing with Shasta and Margo!

She was also very excited to show off her Hello Kitty shirt. What a ham!

 The night ended with Beth skyping with the family from BYU-I. I think it was Chris' favorite part!

Happy Birthday Chris!

We're glad we were able to celebrate it with you and hope you have many many more! :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Steph's Birthday

Well, it's been a couple of weeks now, but Steph turned 24 on August 27th! Geez it sounds so much older than 23... We had a lot of previous obligations that weekend so the birthday festivities were limited, but we were able to spend time with both families which was nice!

Saturday we had a bbq lunch at the Bailey house where we got these awesome pics with Michelle's camera! (We forgot ours at home)

Michelle and Steph:

Mom and Steph:

Woot woot! Delish chocolate cake:

They sang happy birthday!

Steph made sure to take lots of pictures of herself for Michelle's camera...

Jon and the birthday girl:

Dad and Steph:

Evil Michelle, dishing out cake:

nom nom nom!

 The birthday spoils!

Sunday we were at the Alston house, but again forgot to bring the camera... oy. Better luck next year.

Among the list of new stuff: a Beverly's gift card (which was used to make Margo a cookie jar), some fun money, The Hunger Games series, awesometastic coconut lime lotion (mmmm), ALIAS season 1 and Community season 2 on DVD, Galaxy Quest (love it!) and gift card to Target (with which Steph bought an AMAZING new pair of flats!) No, 'spoiled' is not a descriptive enough word.

Thanks to everyone for making 24 rad so far :)