Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Lake Trip

Although today seemed to officially mark the beginning of Fall (now being October and having overcast skies with a bit of sprinkling) last week we were still having super warm, sunny weather. My sister Michelle, sister-in-law Amanda, neice AnnMarie, and I celebrated the end of September with a trip to Folsom Lake. Sadly, Jon had too much homework so he couldn't come :(

See what I mean? Sunny and gorgeous!

My neice was very excited for this trip. All she talked about was wanting to make sand castles.

Sis-in-law Amanda with her dog, Copper:

Michelle was a good sport and let me take some fun pics of her:

Margo was a champ and practiced her swimming skills:

AnnMarie gave her treats as a prize:

Margo, looking scraggly and pathetic, wanted all the goldfish she could get:

Don't worry, I really was there too:

And to end the afternoon, Margo got to share a peach with us. She especially wanted to wear the sticker. She takes after me, I suppose.

 Happy end of Summer, and welcome Fall!!


Bay said...

Haha Margo swims!! So cute!! Loved the pictures of Michelle too :-)

The BaKeRs said...

I LOVE that Margo swims and how tiny she looks when she is wet... I mean she obviously always looks tiny, but my goodness she is even more tiny looking when wet!
Cant wait to hang out!! Love u guys~!