Sunday, November 27, 2011

November Happenings

Life has been busy for the Alston's this month! At the beginning of November, Jon joined a co-ed indoor soccer league with our friends from the ward.

I am really terrible at sports I really didn't want to put everyone to shame with my mad skills, so I decided to sit out this season and support Jon from the sidelines :) One Saturday morning we went without our hot chocolate and cartoons to practice at a nearby park.

The day was amazing! Margo took advantage of the sunny grass and napped.

So much action! The whole group is super in shape and played for hours...... ha.

The team name is "Overrated" - if that gives you any indication of how long it's actually been since they all played.

Really they have been doing well so far. They won their first two games! Although this week they are up against The Ligers, who are actually supposed to be pretty good. I'm just glad to see Jon out there again :) And it's nice to have something to do on a Tuesday night.

This month I also got together with some past work friends to do some crafting in preparation for the Christmas season! Paper mache reindeer were calling our names.

Meet Mele, Teresa Collins (half finished), and Sophie...

Thanksgiving was also fantastic. We had two turkeys between my family and Jon's family. We ate WAY too much! We also forgot to take any pictures.

To top it all off we went with Jon's family up to the Little Bear Creek tree farm for our annual Christmas tree hunt yesterday!

Meet this year's tree - Tumnus:

It was really fun to have family in town visiting. My favorite part is eating chili and animal cookies after the trees have been chopped down!

December is only a few days away... what fun adventures will come next???

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