Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year's Day Announcement

Dearest friends and family,
Seeing as how today is January 1, 2012 - Jon and I have an announcement to make which will officially effect (Affect? Effect? I think I mean the one with the A...) the rest of the year.
Our theme of the year 2012 has been titled:


I know. Be very excited.
This means that every single day of 2012, we will be taking a family photo. It might be with our nice camera, it might be with our cell phones, it might be with OTHER people's cell phones - but whichever way it happens, and where ever we happen to be, there will be a picture taken to represent the day. Whether good or bad or happy or sad or rainy or sunny or messy or clean, it will be us.
All pictures will then be put by Steph into a scrapbook album which she will be working on throughout the year (ha. ha.) no, but seriously, this is a goal! I will work on it throughout the year and when 2012 comes to a close in 365 days, we will have a full year of printed pictures to remember :) We are very good at taking pictures, not so much at printing them regularly.

Now, this does not mean that I will be blogging each picture from 2012. Every month I might pick a couple of favorites to post. But for our first day, we have this:

Now, every picture has a story, and I think that's what my favorite part of this imagined project is so far. This picture was taken just minutes after I announced to Jon what our theme for the year would be (his turn was last year) and we were deciding on how it would all work. We were driving down to Loomis after church and as we were talking, Margo (of her OWN accord) decided to climb up and IN to my purse which was sitting between us on the arm rest. Jon looked over and said "Well, your attempts to keep her from being a spoiled purse dog have officially failed." I started laughing so hard! It was my first good laugh of 2012. Perfectly Margo. Deciding on her own to sit in my purse. Jon then said "Well, here we go, this HAS to be our first picture of the year." And so it was. Jon is there waving because he is driving, and I just could not stop laughing. Margo, like always, is licking her nose. What a cheese ball family!
Now, backing up a little. Last night for New Year's Eve we spent time with some of the other childless couples in our ward drinking martinelli's and playing games until midnight. Jon and I brought this awesomeness called crositi (?) which Jon made - he is such a good cook! It is basically sliced up roma tomatoes with thyme, olive oil and salt (roasted at 300 degrees for 40-45 minutes) and then put on top of bread slices which we toasted on the stove top after rubbing with olive oil and garlic. DELISH.

We hope you have enjoyed this look into our new year. Thank you for reading our blog and visiting us! I noticed this morning that we officially have 4,000 page views of all time. So awesome.

Happy 2012 everyone!

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The BaKeRs said...

I love your idea and am going to steal it... maybe not to blog... but the whole picture idea is great considering we have already had so many exciting events at the start of this year! hehe! Love you guys!! You are so amazing!