Thursday, February 16, 2012

Choose Your Own Adventure

So this Valentine's day (our 9th together) was the best ever! I really don't think it can be topped.

It started off with Margo making a candy poster for Jon. It was by the door when he left for work in the morning, because he gets up at 5 :)

It says: To my daddy, reasons I love you: You are a NERDFIGHTER and make me SNICKER when you tickle me. I love to snuggle BETWIXT you and mommy at NIGHT. (even when you ROLOVER on top of me.) If I could give you one thing, it would be the STARS. If I ever lost you, my heart would break into a million PIECES. Happy Valentine's day! Loves, Margo.

She has become quite the pup with words.

"oui, oui"

When I woke up at 7, I was surprised to see THIS!

Jon wrote on the glass table: "Happy Valentine's Day -sorry, I don't do cards..."

And in the middle was a heart with that awesome tiny box!

I didn't want to open it without him there, so I waited all day (and wondered about it while I was at work) and opened it that afternoon when we were both home together.

I look concerned here below, but I was really surprised and wowed! I had no idea what it could have been. I was totally impressed when I opened up the box!

It's a ring! White gold, amethyst (because purple is my fav color) and little diamonds on the side:

I love it! I was excited because it's different from any of the jewelry I own. I also like that Jon picked it out on his own and that it is a teardrop shaped stone, which I don't have any of. I also liked that he got me some jewelry in my fav color, because I don't have anything awesome and purple like that. I also liked that it was small and simple - perfect for Valentine's day. Fantastic job, honey!! 

BEFORE that though - when Jon got home - there was a scavenger hunt waiting for him. It took him to the car, all around the apartment, into the fridge and finally underneath the couch where THIS was waiting for him:

I made him a "Choose your own Adventure" book!

Each section was sealed so that he couldn't look ahead. The biggest rules were that he couldn't take anything back once he had made a choice.

I had planned out quite a few scenarios for the night. The first was dinner. As he picked the choices, based on vague clues, there would be more and more options as the night split on...

So for dinner - do you wear fancy pants, or go casual?

I had designed the book so that the pages were folded in. He only could see the clue on the outside, and then once he picked his choice (in this case, he chose fancy pants) he actually had to cut the fold to see what he chose. Inside was revealed that we would be going OUT to dinner!

We changed into our "fancy pants" (in my case, a new cute black dress from my bestie, Breanna) and headed to Bistro 33!

The other choice (go casual) was making dinner together at home. From there, we had 2 options for dessert out. (A new place far from the restaurant, or dessert there at the restaurant) If we had stayed home there were 2 options for dessert in (hot fudge banana split sundaes - his favorite - or baking lava cakes together). I always let him look at what the other choices would have been after he made his decision. Luckily every way he picked was a good option, so it wouldn't have turned out badly - but it was still fun to see his reactions!

We ended up going to Pinkberry for dessert. (We had never been there and I got a fruit cup since I can't have yogurt) we also went to see The Muppets at the $3 theater (the other choices were a rented movie, or mini golf, or bowling) and then ended the night with s'mores at home! (the other choice was stargazing) Thanks to both my dad and Jon's dad for helping provide the firewood, kindling and camping forks!


I had also written Jon a cheesy rhyming poem which I gave to him at dessert :) and for his final present at the end of the night I gave him a book.

We had such a fun time and it was the best when Jon said at dessert "you know you can't ever top this, right??" Oh yes, I know that I really outdid myself this year. But it was needed!

Everything worked out so much better than I really even expected it to. Looking back, it was the most fun date / Valentine's day yet! I can't wait to see what we try to come up with next year :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

From the Ocean to the 80's

Another month into the year = more adventures and more pictures!

Technically this first adventure was at the end of January, but you get the idea.

We had planned a while back to head to San Francisco on January 27th because one of our favorite authors was going to be having a book signing in Redwood City that evening. It was such a fun day!

First, we stopped by Cocoabella's in Union Square so that I could get a ho-cho. I missed out last time we were in SF with my cousin because they shut down their ho-cho machine at 7pm... who does that?? Well, let me tell you - this really is the best hot chocolate in the world. I decided to go all out and with the help of my lactaid pills opted for the WHOLE MILK. I figured if I'm going to go for rich chocolate death in a cup, why not risk it all? Holy. Cow. The extra dark raspberry flavor was SO creamy and delicious. I forgot how good real milk is. It was the first time I've had it in over a year and a half. This hot chocolate is SO dense that you cannot chug it. It is sippable only. Too much at a time and your teeth will all burst into cavities right there. Amazing.

(p.s. I didn't get very sick - so it was worth it)

While sipping our amazing ho-chos, we stopped by the Anthropologie in Union Square. It totally puts the Roseville store to shame. I got this fantastic mug!!

Then we headed over to Ghirardelli Square and the edge of the Wharf, where we stopped by an oceanside park and got some pictures.

Dinner was happy hour at Boudin's on the Wharf :)

And then we took the drive down to Redwood City where we saw the most BEAUTIFUL sunset over the hills of San Francisco. I LOVE IT.

The Fault in our Stars tour van!

The Fox Theater was gorgeous. Even waiting in line wasn't too bad. Look, there's our show!

I know there is a lot packed into that marquee, so let me show you again:

Woohoo John Green! His book reading was amazing, and he talked for a bit about how our consciousness in this life is a gift and what we choose to spend our time thinking about is huge. It really made me consider what takes up most of my thoughts and how I choose to spend my seconds while it really counts.

John's brother Hank was funny, as expected, and played some awesome songs on guitar. They both were on stage for a bit answering questions and then they did the book/cd signing. It was so nice seeing them in person vs on YouTube. They are both very tall...

Jon did get a lot of videos from the show, but Blogger hates to upload, so for now that is all you get.


Next up is Miss Ella's 35th birthday! The theme was "Pretty in Pink Prom" and the prom theme was "Under the Sea". They even made a backdrop for cheesy prom pictures.

This is how most of the night went:

And then Ella was crowned as a "spanish" princess. She's got some really interesting friends, let me tell you ;) We were probably the most "normal" ones there.

See what I mean? We could dress like this every day...

That dress was such an awesome thrift store find. I wish it had been a little more obnoxious, but with the huge shoulder pads and every inch being beaded and sequined I think my flourescent pink eyeshadow and hot pink nails (as well as the bright red lipstick and ratted hair) really made it come together.

Until next week...