Tuesday, February 7, 2012

From the Ocean to the 80's

Another month into the year = more adventures and more pictures!

Technically this first adventure was at the end of January, but you get the idea.

We had planned a while back to head to San Francisco on January 27th because one of our favorite authors was going to be having a book signing in Redwood City that evening. It was such a fun day!

First, we stopped by Cocoabella's in Union Square so that I could get a ho-cho. I missed out last time we were in SF with my cousin because they shut down their ho-cho machine at 7pm... who does that?? Well, let me tell you - this really is the best hot chocolate in the world. I decided to go all out and with the help of my lactaid pills opted for the WHOLE MILK. I figured if I'm going to go for rich chocolate death in a cup, why not risk it all? Holy. Cow. The extra dark raspberry flavor was SO creamy and delicious. I forgot how good real milk is. It was the first time I've had it in over a year and a half. This hot chocolate is SO dense that you cannot chug it. It is sippable only. Too much at a time and your teeth will all burst into cavities right there. Amazing.

(p.s. I didn't get very sick - so it was worth it)

While sipping our amazing ho-chos, we stopped by the Anthropologie in Union Square. It totally puts the Roseville store to shame. I got this fantastic mug!!

Then we headed over to Ghirardelli Square and the edge of the Wharf, where we stopped by an oceanside park and got some pictures.

Dinner was happy hour at Boudin's on the Wharf :)

And then we took the drive down to Redwood City where we saw the most BEAUTIFUL sunset over the hills of San Francisco. I LOVE IT.

The Fault in our Stars tour van!

The Fox Theater was gorgeous. Even waiting in line wasn't too bad. Look, there's our show!

I know there is a lot packed into that marquee, so let me show you again:

Woohoo John Green! His book reading was amazing, and he talked for a bit about how our consciousness in this life is a gift and what we choose to spend our time thinking about is huge. It really made me consider what takes up most of my thoughts and how I choose to spend my seconds while it really counts.

John's brother Hank was funny, as expected, and played some awesome songs on guitar. They both were on stage for a bit answering questions and then they did the book/cd signing. It was so nice seeing them in person vs on YouTube. They are both very tall...

Jon did get a lot of videos from the show, but Blogger hates to upload, so for now that is all you get.


Next up is Miss Ella's 35th birthday! The theme was "Pretty in Pink Prom" and the prom theme was "Under the Sea". They even made a backdrop for cheesy prom pictures.

This is how most of the night went:

And then Ella was crowned as a "spanish" princess. She's got some really interesting friends, let me tell you ;) We were probably the most "normal" ones there.

See what I mean? We could dress like this every day...

That dress was such an awesome thrift store find. I wish it had been a little more obnoxious, but with the huge shoulder pads and every inch being beaded and sequined I think my flourescent pink eyeshadow and hot pink nails (as well as the bright red lipstick and ratted hair) really made it come together.

Until next week...

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