Sunday, March 11, 2012

Marching Right Along

I feel like the year is going by too quickly and already I'm becoming an absent-minded blogger! Here is what we have been up to lately:

Jon is busy busy busy with school. He is one of the two executive editors this year for Sac State's literary journal and did the entire layout which has kept him very occupied. (It looks AMAZING!) Luckily it was sent off to print this week! I'm so proud of him for being so involved and that graduation is coming up in just 2 months. It really feels like we were just at BYU working on his bachelor's and now he is finishing grad school! I am thankful for the college years we have had to spend together and also glad to put them behind us :)

Margo has been her silly self as usual. I just love this dog!

She regularly plays with her toys (like her sock monkey below) rolls in blankets we leave on the floor and snuggles with us when we take naps. I am so thankful for her awesome attitude and keeping us laughing everyday :)

I am doing great! School has been awesome and I recently got an A on my midterm. Every time I take a new class I feel like I've found a new possible career path. I love learning new things and finding loves for things that I never knew existed before. Psychology has been totally fascinating and I definitely want to continue to study it after this. I probably wouldn't major in it, but the sections we have gone over so far in this general principles class are totally rad. I'm so glad to be able to go to school and have awesome teachers too. Deciding to go to Sierra when I started school again was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love that Jon supports my education too! I obviously really need it...

Aside from school and work, we have also somehow found time to keep up with friends and family! This weekend we celebrated our niece's 5th birthday at Chuck E Cheese. Jon and I actually had a great time! I don't even remember the last time I was at Chuck E Cheese, and even though I couldn't eat the pizza and was too big for the maze / playplace of awesome, we had a fatty bucket of tokens all to ourselves for playing games and earning tickets. Let me tell you; I totally kick butt at skeeball and shooting hoops. Jon won at the basketball game 4 out of 5 times, but that last time I left him in the dust! I was very proud of myself. We also played operation, racing games, water gun games, air hockey and a team shooting pirate game with ghosts and zombie skeletons. It was pretty legit. Between the two of us we probably won a couple hundred tickets. They all went to the birthday girl of course who ended up with a grand total of 1,600! Turning 5 is the best.

Jon has also been playing indoor soccer every week on a league with friends in the ward, and we recently hosted a break-the-fast which was St. Patrick's day themed. We love irish food! We are also taking a religion class through our church institute this semester and - oh yeah - moving. When do we have the time to sleep? Good question.

In other news we had our 20 week ultrasound this week. (milestone!) the baby weighs 11 oz (as demonstrated by the bag of water below). We are not finding out the gender, but the ultrasound was still amazing! It was my favorite part of this pregnancy so far.

The baby looks awesome and we got a lot of good pictures. We saw the different parts of the brain, the heart, the stomach, and the baby was sretching out their legs and arms as well as moving their mouth and we even got to see the eyes! It was very cool. I don't think I ever realized just how detailed ultrasounds are. Jon says the baby has my lips :) We also had an amazing tech, so that was a great blessing. She was super fun and very informative. I am so grateful for good accessible healthcare!

And just for all of you baby bump picture fanatics out there (and those friends who don't get to see me very often) here we are at 20 weeks:

Thanks for keeping up with the Alston's! Next stop: St. Patrick's day :)

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