Thursday, April 26, 2012

Singing, Sewing and other such Sabbath activities

In an effort to improve ourselves personally and develop our talents, Jon and I have devoted our recent Sunday afternoons to the following activities:
I joined the ward choir.
For the first time in my life. It should be a lot of fun! This ward in Loomis is MUCH smaller than our ward in Fair Oaks. I think there were about 10 of us at choir practice this week, but I love the spirit in music :)
Jon made me a journal!
I have been needing one since I just filled up my last one and he offered to bind one from scratch! I picked out the cover paper at my store (Beverly's) and he did the rest! Seriously this is the most amazing journal I have ever owned. He did it ALL from scratch:

Also, check out my super cute new nail polish color from Jon above :)

Here he is working on the book. The awl broke while he was getting ready for the binding, so he resorted to a nail and hammer and it still turned out amazing!

Traditional Japanese bind:

True sign of an artist's work desk: cutting mat, paper, and chocolate ice cream.

Jon has also been working with me on ukulele!
No pictures of this yet. All I know are my basic major chords. Someday when I can play a song, Jon and I will video it for y'all.
I sewed!
Dang, isn't this fabric adorable??

Man I have been hankering to bust out my machine for a while, and with the move it has been dormant much too long. No pictures of the completely finished product YET, because it's a surprise for someone very close to me, but I promise it is adorable and quite possibly the thing I am MOST proud of ever sewing thus far in my life.

These next things are not "Sunday" things, but just what we've been up to lately :)
We participated in the YW service auction for FO 5th ward! Jon and I donated photography services (yes, we are still doing that). I was pretty happy with the flyer I whipped together! Unfortunately it won't upload, so you'll just have to imagine that it was amazing. I also really really really wanted this purse donated by Katie Roth!

But I was outbid like crazy. Jon even put that the purse would be "for the baby" yet people still outbid me! haha at least it was for a good cause :) We DID come home the proud owners of some plush owls handmade by one of the YW in the ward. Perfect for the baby's room!

In other awesome news, our bro and sis in law recently took their boys to Disneyland and we house-sat for them. Check out these SWEET bowls that they brought back for us! We are spoiled. The backs of the bowls are like Mickey and Minnie's bums respectively. Totally cute!

I also finished a wreath for the baby's room door! Since we're doing the nursery colors here at the in-laws in chocolate brown, orange, green and a touch of blue (to go with the quilt already on the bed that my niece sleeps in) I wanted the yarn wreath on the outside of the door to reflect the colors inside the room! The orange looks a LOT more vibrant in these pictures than it is in real life. The tag on the ribbon was paper hand dyed by Jon and I wrote the words "Love is Spoken Here" (can you tell I love primary music??) And maybe it's just me, but I feel like my love for the funk of the 70's also shows in this wreath... maybe it's the colors... or the slightly groovy handwriting I used...

In family news; Margo is as cute as ever :)

Baby Alston and I have officially entered the 3rd trimester!
I have been doing pre-natal yoga and LOVE it! As my friend Amanda said today, who knew it would take being pregnant to get me excited for exercise? haha!
Since I do my yoga in the morning before my hair and makeup is done, I opted for taking a pic of my mat rather than ME actually doing the yoga poses... You can just use your imagination.

Baby A is doing well and kicking and stretching ALL the time!
Jon got me a body pillow this week (heavenly!), and Margo (of course) thought it was for her...

We have also heard some great name/nickname suggestions for Baby A so far from our friends:
LorenzoNickChristian (for boy or girl)
So let's hear your votes! The future name of our child may just be the one you suggest.
You can also throw in your votes for BOY or GIRL in the sidebar to the right >>


Crystal Frost said...

I voted girl, but I could really see it going either way! You guys are going to have one adorable baby!

Betsy said...

Sweet journal! Did Jon take a book making class or just teach himself? I took a class and I LOVED it! And that's a really cute wreath you made. I'm so excited for Baby A to get here. Too bad I won't be there to meet him/her :(

The BaKeRs said...

WOW!!! Jon is freaking talented! I think I am gonna have to ask him to make one for me too :)
You know I love Sven for the baby haha. I LOVE the fabric you are making whatever it is you are making!
You guys are so rad!!!

lilbailey said...

That journal is awesome! All of it is awesome!

And I have a new Blog! Follow and update links please! (

Rachael said...

That journal is amazing! Such talent! Love the names friends have chosen...I am guessing the Serafins were a few of those

merrilykaroly said...

What a beautiful journal! It looks like a lot of work :) I am so excited for you guys and your baby!! I am going to call it right now: he/she is going to have Jon's eyes :)