Sunday, April 15, 2012

Very Merry

On SATURDAY we had a Very Merry and Mad UN-birthday party for Jon!

Ben and Breanna were nice enough to let us use their our house for the event and Breanna was SO awesome in helping me plan, decorate, and really make sure that everything came together!

Last weekend she and I prepped by gathering supplies and making party favors. We went with GREEN (since it's Jon's favorite color) and branched off from there with blue, orange, red and BLACK (since this was an UN-birthday celebration).

Everyone was challenged with wearing a CRAZY hat to the party, and we all voted for the Most Funny, Most Creative and Best Overall. The prizes were a mini paint can that Breanna and I decorated each filled with one of Jon's favorite candies (Snickers, Twix and Reese's PB cups).

We had such a good turn out! Amongst the party goers were:
Ben & Breanna
Jake & Brenda
Michelle (my sis)
Andrew Nielsen
David & Breanne
Brandon & Tiani
Matt & Julia
and Riley & Summer!

 We couldn't have CAKE at an UN-birthday, so instead we had everyone bring their favorite ice cream and toppings for an ice cream bar! I even had my very own chocolate fudge Soy Dream ;)

Riley and Summer thought the hats were optional. FAIL.

Michelle (who won for Best Hat), Andrew and Me! 

Ah I wish I had a pic of David with his beard hat! He won Most Funny :)

Jon and his BFF Spanky:

Brandon & Tiani - way to be creative, guys!

Breanna & Ben - the party wizards :)

Me with the Birthday Boy!

This is Jon opening his new SHINS cd from my sis - so exciting! Of course I actually had to have him recreate this event since I didn't have the camera ready the first time.

Thank you to EVERYONE for making Jon's birthday such a huge success! We really missed those of you who weren't able to make it :( Next time I am hunting you all down. You know who you are...


may you have many many many more :)


Lindsey and Jared said...

Oh! It turned out so great! I am sorry we missed it! :) Christian would have been great in a hat lol

jessH said...

Happy Birthday Jon! funny, landon loves the shins too. Can't believe you guys are that old now. Really, seems like just yesterday at we were working at hogi yogi and you guys were what 19, and 22? ha :)