Friday, June 1, 2012

Camping and Other Happenings

 Oh my gosh - so many things going on!

Firstly - Baby A is doing amazing. He/she moves around ALL the time and we're as healthy as can be! Although I'm officially 32 weeks now, I'm a little behind with posting the pictures. So here I am at 30 weeks :)

Jon and I took our late pregnancy class and hospital tour at Kaiser last week. It made me more excited for the baby (actually going through labor and the baby's upcoming birthday!) and nervous (holy crap, we are going to actually have a BABY. In 8 weeks. And forever.) What was really awesome though was that Jon said the class made him more excited :) Now we can actually picture the delivery day being here and we feel a lot more confident with where to go and how it will all work out. I really am not daydreaming about what to expect, but I do feel better knowing that we have great resources all around us!

Last week I also got together with the girls for a craft night inspired by Pinterest! We've all been wanting to work on these fun things we Pin, but never make the time. Tiani was gracious enough to let us use her house, and she even had food!

Tiani, Kelsey, Karen and I made tile coasters:

I was so happy with how mine turned out!

Kelsey's coasters:

Breanne and Kelsey also made twine wrapped letter wreaths:

Bay and I made fabric hair flowers:

The girls are concentrating very hard...

We're talking about making this a monthly event now! Can't wait :)


For Memorial Day weekend we went camping (again) but this time for 4 days up at Plumas. MAN I love it there!

Jon, Margo and I went up on Friday and spent the first night by ourselves because everyone else was too worried about the winter storm warnings :) While it was definitely chilly, we were only slightly sprinkled on, so it was totally worth it. Look at that handsome mountain man!!

That night after setting up our tent, we roasted hot dogs for dinner and then Jon retired his ukulele that he made in high school. I absolutely LOVE how this picture that Jon took turned out!

We roasted marshmallows over the burning uke. Margo really wanted a taste of my mallow. "mmmm, tastes like music AND fire roasted awesome."

The next day we slept in until 7, had hot chocolate by the campfire


 and took morning naps after breakfast.

Margo was so snuggly the whole trip! She would curl up by my belly every morning and night while we sat around the fire. Jon thought she was probably in hibernation mode from the cold weather. My pup loves me :)


Jon's parents and brother and sister-in-law came up Saturday afternoon. Jon and I went on a  little nature hike while they set up camp, and then it rained! It wasn't anything awful, but there was some thunder. I LOVE the rain and especially hearing it hit the tent :) I'm such a nerd - I always wanted to go camping in the rain when I was a kid. There is something so awesome about rain. I also love watching Jon read. He's currently working on Paradise Lost. What a nerd :)

 Sunday was a very laid back day in camp. We don't do any big hikes or activities because it is the Sabbath, so Jon and I went up to Eureka Lake for lunch. There we took the 31 week picture! This baby loves camping already :) It will be an outdoorsy, crunchy-granola type baby for sure.

We met up with the rest of the family in Graeagle at the Mill Pond where Mike, Amanda and AnnMarie were fishing - and then Jon and I went hunting for awesome downed trees to make things out of. Our ETSY store planning is going really well! I can't wait to get everything launched soon.

Monday was BEAUTIFUL, sunny and warm. We spent the morning by the creek after packing up camp.

I wish I could have gotten a little more sun to fight off my pale winter skin, but at least it is heating up in Loomis too. Yesterday was 93! Guess summer is officially here.

We also celebrated my dad's 63rd birthday yesterday!
(The bow on his head was from my sister. We're so loving.)

We had burgers and hung out with the family at my parent's house. I was DELIGHTED to bring home some cherry pie (my fav!! - only next to Key Lime pie that is) but I was so tired I fell asleep before I even had a chance to eat it. Now I get to be excited about it all over again today haha!


Next up - baby showers, beach camping and adventures in wood-burning... stay tuned!

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