Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Awesomeness Rises

Remember back in January when we talked about this being the year of pictures? Well it's still going! I don't bring it up enough, but we still take a picture every.single.day.

Of course we may miss a day here or there, and almost all of the pictures are on our cell phones, and usually when we're going to bed and realize "crap, we still need our picture for the day!" but overall it's been a fun adventure in documenting our year. Here are some things we've been up to lately!

This was one of our daily pictures while camping in Manresa last month. Dang, that sun was bright...

This was one Sunday after church. I LOVE this picture of our little family :)

4th of July at the Taylor's. We were soaking our feet in the spa since I can't actually sit in it. Jon really loves taking these pictures, as you can tell.

Here we are assembling the baby's crib:

I've been doing a lot of sewing lately too! Working on hanging bookshelves and matching curtains for the baby's room:

And here we eating dessert after my mom's birthday dinner!

I figure I should also post this one - 39 weeks!

I joked on FB that at this point I have abandoned wearing makeup or doing my hair every day because I'm either in the pool or napping haha. Really though I still don't nap that much. Maybe a couple times a week - although I have significantly chillaxed and smoothed out my schedule, limiting any plans with others and minimizing my time out of the house. I could really get used to this time off! The baby has hiccups at least twice a day now and still moves a ton. There are no signs of the baby coming early - of course I am due on the 27th so it is getting really close. Nursery pictures will come soon :)

Of course, until then we are trying to have as much out-of-the-house fun as possible!

Earlier tonight we went to see Dark Knight Rises with our sisters, Beth and Michelle. Holy cow it was fantastic! I had heard going into it that it wasn't as dark as The Dark Knight - and that was definitely true. The Dark Knight freaked me out way more and just had intensely horrifying scenes. But Dark Knight Rises reminded me a lot more of Batman Begins. That and the ending could not have been better! I'm pretty sure Jon and I had the hugest smiles when the movie ended.

Ah, it was so good! I love Christopher Nolan for the fact that no matter how much Jon pays attention, the twists STILL catch him off guard. I was also very proud of myself for 1) making it through the whole movie without a potty break and 2) not going into labor halfway through the film. Whew! That's a pretty amazing feat at 9 months pregnant.

So far it's been a pretty awesome year. Can't wait to see what the second half of 2012 brings our way!


merrilykaroly said...

Oh my goodness you're sooo close!!!! And you just made me want to see the Batman movie... I've been hesitant.

merrilykaroly said...

Oh and the potty break thing-- YES! What a feat.