Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Day of Rings

This past Saturday we had our friends Riley and Summer over for a day of watching all 3 extended editions of LOTR!

Some of you may remember when we first did this back in 2009.

Luckily this year was planned out much better, and it was fun to have another nerdy couple to embark on the adventure with us - because let me tell you, watching three, 4 hr long movies right in a row is no easy task!

We split breakfast, which consisted of hash browns, eggs, bacon and fruit.

Lunch was provided by the Hooper's - delish pastrami/turkey sandwiches!
Snacks included gushers, fruit-by-the-foot, chocolate dipped granola bars, sour cream and onion chips, and bbq chips.

For dinner we made lasagna from scratch with caesar salad and garlic bread. Here is Jon making the salad! So handsome.

We had an awesome time. I love watching these movies. They are SO fantastically done, and it's really fun to laugh about all the cameos and behind-the-scenes trivia as we watch the movies together. JRR Tolkien wrote an AMAZING story. It just made me super excited for The Hobbit coming out this December :)

We also talked about really going all out next year when we do this again. I'm thinking we will theme all the food around the movies, invite a bunch of friends, project it outside and make it an all day party!

And here I am after the 12 hours of movie watching. Officially at 37 weeks!

I was remarking the other day at how much I really have enjoyed being pregnant. I think it's true what a few people told me, that it's really not bad until the last 3 weeks. I can still sleep through the night, but I am feeling a little big and uncomfortable these days. It's nothing to make me hate it, though. I can still paint my toes and sit through a movie at the theater without any bathroom breaks, so even if Baby Alston is late, I'll enjoy as much of the rest of this pregnancy experience as I can! Hopefully he/she will be a LOTR lover too :)

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Rachael said...

3 more weeks! Wow! You are so totally cute and I'm glad that these last few weeks aren't wreaking havoc on you!