Sunday, July 29, 2012

More Nursery Pictures

This post is a follow up to the previous one which showed all of the details of Baby Alston's room. In this post I wanted to get more full shots of the room so that you can really see how it all fits together. But all the pictures are with my cell phone, so they're a little grainy :)

Here is how the room looks when you walk in the door:

And when you look to the left:

This is my view when I sit in the glider chair:

This is the FINISHED collage wall above the crib!

These are the curtains I made. We just finished hanging them up last night. It brought the WHOLE room together and made it look complete. (Also hiding the mess inside. Very important.)

As I mentioned in the post below, the curtain fabric is the same that I used to make the hanging bookshelves. I love how it ties everything together!

I seriously LOVE it! 

Now, as my good friend Mandi keeps reminding me, we just need to fill it with a baby :)

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