Saturday, October 20, 2012

Apples, Books & Ivy

We thought you'd like to hear about our magical weekend!
But first, I just had to share this adorableness... My friend Crystal took baby pictures of Kate last month and we just got to see them! Love love love love love :)
Our weekend got started when the beautiful Nicolette came to see us from Seattle!
Kate was just content to blow bubbles, but we got a good view of her 11 week cuteness eventually!
We headed over to Beverly's to work on Nicolette's halloween costume. As you can see, it was quite a success.
6 cupcakes, 1 Russian store and a lunch at Olive Garden with my awesome friend Deidra later, we closed our Friday night with me at work and Jon at primary program practice (oh my...)
Saturday brought APPLE HILL with Bay and Shawn! We've had this planned for months and were super excited for some apple tasting and fudge. It's become a yearly tradition for the 4 of us + Kate!
We stopped here for lunch:
had a "grown up ham and cheese", bought 3 bags of apples, tasted some fudge, cheked out crafts, got some pumpkins, tried to get glitter tattoos (but the line of children was too long) and then we got this heath bar caramel apple to share:
And originally this was going to be our family picture for the day...
(Kate was sleeping)
But then this happened:

 After stopping by Mandi's place to help her pack the moving truck to Florida (BOO!) we headed over to the Roseville Library where they were having their 100 year anniversary celebration!
Our friend Tim Stephenso's jazz group played (amazing!)
And we won this bundt!

"There's a hole in this cake..."
 They had a mustache photo booth (which of course we had to take part in!) and we ate popcorn and lemonade to our heart's content.
It was seriously the best Saturday we've had in a while. Friends, family, and decorative facial hair! Triple win.

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Jordan and Kelsey said...

It looks like you guys had an amazing weekend! So cool to see pics of Nicolette on the blog! Kate is such a cute and beautiful baby!!! Love seeing pics of your family :)