Monday, October 15, 2012

Captured in a Second

These days, when time goes by so fast, I am ever thankful for photography.
Family pic of the day 10-14-12
It's nice to live in a day when we can document moments and memories.
Saturday we photographed a wedding in Auburn for a fantastic couple! It's great sharing these days of love with people and seeing families come together that I never knew before. And for a moment, their time will stand still.
Someday I will look back and say to Jon, "Remember that Sunday when I napped all day and we went to the Joyner's for dinner and Christian threw that ball at Kate's face and Gavin was starting to walk and the kids played ukulele while Abraham and Lucy ran around licking everyone and then we came home and got in our PJs and watched the Italian Job and then took THIS picture with Margo, the best dog we ever had?"
And he'll say, "Yeah. Those were good times. I miss that."
Well I'm glad to be here. This time that someday I will wish to come back to. Because my baby smiles, and my dog runs to see me when I get home, and Jon comes to see me at work and gives me hugs, and really I don't think life could be any more fun :)

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Lindsey and Jared said...

How did I miss that Christian threw a ball at Kate's face??? Not that I am surprised, I imagine he would throw a ball at anyone's face, given the chance! ;)