Monday, November 12, 2012

The Idea of Baby Steps

Kate at 3 months
 Lately Katherine has been doing so much more than ever before. She chews on her fingers, she grabs at anything that comes her way and she babbles at lights, colors and sounds.

I find all of these changes fascinating! Seeing where she started and knowing that we created this little person is pretty cool. I get why parents are in awe of their children. It still doesn't make me want to update a status on FB every time she snorts, raises her eyebrows or smiles at Jon reading to her. I'd rather keep those moments to myself :)

After observing her pick up some plastic keys the other day, I said to Jon that it is fantastic how someday she will be able to do whatever she wants. I was listening to some classical music and thinking about the concentration and emotion it takes to play an instrument well. Muscle movement, breathing, watching, listening, embouchure and feeling. It's years worth of training to have such control over so many things going on all at once.

Although right now Kate's biggest achievement is making steady eye contact with someone, she will one day be able to read, write, draw, dance, sing, talk and love.

It made me realize more than ever how slow and tedious and NECESSARY baby steps really are. You can't run until you can walk, stand, and even get up off the floor! Fascinating.

So yesterday at church one of the speakers talked about our process of conversion unto Christ.

 It is not all at once immediate, nor is it something that most of us will ever achieve fully in this LIFETIME. In fact it is an ever constant eternal process. The speaker said that in the gospel we learn line upon line, and we practice true discipleship with BABY STEPS. And it clicked! I can say now that I truly know what baby steps look like :) And they aren't quick. They are one day at a time. One thing, and then another. Weak, and then a little stronger, and a little more controlled. Until finally we are reaching our goals.

It made me happy to know that I might not be where I want to be yet, but I'm always working towards it, and the Lord doesn't expect me to "just get it already". He waits for our baby steps. And I'm willing to bet that every day we get a little closer, he is absolutely thrilled.


merrilykaroly said...

Well said. I have also noticed how I blink and then my baby has suddenly changed so much, all without me even noticing. I think it can be like that with our testimonies too-- we make progress and we don't even realize it because we're so busy just doing our best. I guess that's a good reason to keep a journal, both to write down the miraculous little accomplishments of an initially helpless baby, as well as the miraculous ways our testimony grows as we nurture it! Maybe I should take my own advice here haha.

Katrina said...

Oh my goodness, that just clicked for me too! I definitely find myself thinking that I should be perfect right now, but I often forget the slow process of learning and being "born again" as a child in Christ. It doesn't happen all at once, it takes a lifetime, just as being born as a baby takes a lifetime to become who we will be for eternity. Thank you for sharing these thoughts!