Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January - The Month Of...

Jon and I have both always wanted to try sculpture. After looking into the different materials and forms, we decided to go with 3-dimensional round sculpture style using clay.
At first we decided to each sculpt animals... then it turned out that we were basically planning to make the same thing - and oh yeah I HATE CLAY.
I just didn't feel like it really did what I wanted it to. It was all together too soft and too firm at the same time. What I decided I really wanted to use was play-doh. HAHA
After abandoning the animal plan, I decided to make something that would make me happy... snack foods :) So I modeled a triscuit with tomato, lettuce and cheese toppings, a fig newton (dang, I love those!) and some fruit snacks. It turns out I found my calling in clay sculpture world = snack foods.
Jon was having a great time with his clay and actually did really well with his animal plan!
There's his little sleeping fox behind my triscuit creation.
We still have a TON of clay left, so we will probably be making more things. One thing's for sure - sculpture is not my favorite art form. At least this kind. Maybe someday we will take a class or try for metal or glass sculptures. I could see that being fun. This is the year of exploration after all!
In the middle of January I also took a spontaneous trip to Utah to visit my best cousin, Megan. Kate came with me for the short weekend. We had a lot of fun, but were literally in Utah for less than 48 hours! Short short trip.
Here is Kate sleeping in my arms on our first flight together, which had a layover in Portland.
She is such an amazing baby. She was cooperative the whole trip. 4 flights total in a 3 day period!
I got sick on Friday after we landed, so after lunch at Cafe Rio I slept the rest of the afternoon and evening.
On Saturday we went out to lunch at Zupa's with my Grandma Andersen. Afterward we spent some time at her home visiting and looking through some family history. Kate napped on the couch and was happy enough to sit for a couple pictures with me and Great Grandma!
Saturday night we went to dinner with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins Chelsey and Megan at Rumbi Island Grill. It was the closest thing I could get to a Teriyaki Chicken Bowl since Hogi Yogi no longer exists. HAHA I am so happy to say that, although I miss their food a little :)
Chelsey and Kate:

Andersen & Nielson families with Kate:

Sunday morning we left really early for the airport. We had connecting flights from SLC to LAX and then SMF.
Me, Megan and Kate:
Kate and I got a window seat from LAX to Sacramento:

It was totally adorable to watch her in wonder looking out of the plane window:

I also let her try a little orange juice on the flight. She definitely LOVES it!
We had a great time seeing some snow, visiting cousins and relaxing in Utah, but we are so happy to be back home in California where it is warmer! Here is Kate with the blanket and burp cloth set that Great Grandma made for her. We love the puppy dogs! It is so cozy.

 January has definitely been adventurous.

Bring it on, February!

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