Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our Chubs

Katherine Anora - The Chubs - The Katherine - Chubtastic - Kate - Alora Dannon - Baby Girl - Baby Chubs - Roly Poly - Chubernathy - Chubfish - My Girl - Chubsworth - My Love

5 months old

She loves to babble and hear the sound of her own voice.

She smiles constantly and thinks Jon making fart noises is funny.

She is extra curious and puts everything she can into her mouth.

She loves making eye contact with us and coos as I sing primary songs to her.

She still eats and sleeps like a champ. We started rice cereal this week. She loves having bananas and peaches mashed up in it. She does NOT like cauliflower.

Kate has toys named Mr. Jheri Curls, Sir Hops-a-Lot, Honey Boo Boo and Barky Von Shnauzer.

Kate and Margo play together. Kate will be on the floor and reach for Margo while Margo dances and rolls around licking the baby's hand. Kate gets a kick out of this. They are quite the gentle pair :)

Margo on the other hand thinks Kate's baby play gym is a fantastic obstacle course.

Kate is very proud of herself when she rolls over. She still gets grumpy on her tummy at first, but she figures it out faster and faster every day.

She loves sitting in the bumbo chair nearby us so that we can talk to her when we are on the computer or eating breakfast.

Just now she coughed a little when she breathed in some spit, so I asked her if she was ok and she looked at me and laughed :) I'll take that as a yes.

Kate is starting to recognize people more and more. She is slow to light up for strangers, but immediately smiles and talks to me and Jon, or her grandparents. I am so glad we are closeby both our parents so that she can have a relationship with them!

Kate is fine wearing headbands, although she is so wiggly that if they are a little loose they will quickly slip down over her eyes. We joke that she wishes she were Levar Burton.

She does not like wearing hats (at first). She will leave them on most of the time, but always makes a grumpy face when we first put them on her head. She especially does not like them covering her ears. She will reach up and pull them down on one side, sometimes over her eyes. Function over fashion, baby girl :)

She loves to grab at her toes and can ALMOST get them in her mouth.

Katherine is healthy, happy, and growing so much! We love her to pieces! Especially when she laughs through her crying and naps in our arms. What an incredible blessing it is to be a parent and watch a little human grow right before your eyes.


BrandonandNatalie said...

She is adorable!! LOVE those cheeks!

Brittany Lewis said...

Love this. I'm so glad I finally got to meet baby Kate! She is even more beautiful and sweet in person.