Saturday, March 30, 2013

March - The Month Of...


Or, to make it sound more manly, "yarn stabbing".
It all started with this book: First Steps in Knitting.
Well, let me back up. My grandma taught me how to knit when I was younger, but I never work on it. I've picked it back up on and off again over the years, but never really made anything substantial.
When I was pregnant with Katherine, I REALLY wanted to knit her a blanket, but I never did it. This month was going to be my chance. And since Jon had never knit before, we decided to make this one of our months of exploration!
My goal for Kate's afghan was to be 3 colors - orange, brown and green. I also picked large needles because I wanted the stitches to be chunky.

We kicked off our knitting projects with Breanna!
 (her hubs was out of town)

Katherine thoroughly enjoyed laughing at the Baker's dog, Nelope, as we watched James and the Giant Peach.

It's so fun when Jon dresses her for church. All blue, athletic socks, and her sparkly Christmas shoes :) Love it.

Jon decided to tackle a manageable project; knitting a scarf for Kate.

He did start over once at the beginning, but his stitches were nice and even and looked great for his first project! He also learned quickly the importance of COUNTING your stitches.

We did some knitting at Summer and Riley's place too. All the while I was practicing different stitches, knitting and purling so that I could read the pattern I wanted to use.

As of today, Jon's scarf looks like this!

All done with some beautiful green fringe on the end :) He made it extra long so that she can continue to grow with it and wear it for a few years.
My project?
Looks like this...

I was getting a little thrown off with the giant needles, so I decided to use smaller needles to practice on until I really feel comfortable with the stitches. It's nowhere close to being a blanket yet, but I do feel good about my practicing. Good thing it's a skill I can continue to develop :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

You are who you pretend to be

A few weeks ago, the chubs woke up nice and early. Because of Jon's ability to hear the footsteps of a mouse, he woke up with the chubs, and couldn't fall back asleep. Instead, he browsed through Netflix, and found Unicorn City...
and so our lives were changed forever.
I told my friends at work about it (being that they love Unicorns) and thus, our bacon/movie/magical creature craft night was invented.
Lindsay went above and beyond, finding pictures of the most majestic unicorns she could to cover the soda bottles. She even made unicorn horns for them and added a mustache to one! After all... what is a majestic unicorn without a handlebar mustache?
All of our cups had unicorn name labels. Mine has 2 unicorns to represent myself and baby Kate :)
We colored, decorated picture frames,
and made shrinky dinks! (Which sort of failed)

Notice how the shrinky dink with the rainbow has a unicorn with fangs and a maiden crying tears of blood. Epic.
Per Savannah's request, we also tried to make Unicorn poop cookies!
Step 1: separate the sugar cookie dough into 6 parts and color each chunk with food coloring so that it resembles the colors of the rainbow.

Step 2: arrange the cookie dough in rainbow order inside a plastic baggie, and then squeeze it through the cut off corner so that it looks like... well... poop.
Although they looked good going IN the oven, they totally turned into flat cookie mush! I think it was partially because of the food coloring that they never really set up. So we just ate the warm sugar cookie mush straight off of the cookie sheet with forks :)

Me, Savannah, Shayla and Lindsay
We had so much fun that "Magical Creature" night is going to become a monthly event! Next time? BIGFOOT.
Speaking of things we like to pretend we can do...
on Saturday we were in Sacramento with Johnny and Ari when Johnny told us about this 6 pound noodle challenge. It's pretty much just what it sounds like. One must eat 6 pounds of noodles in 15 minutes. Johnny really thought he could do it.
He started off with some stretches (see the action shot on the left)
But the noodles were intimidating...

Johnny held the chubs so that we could really see how large this noodle bowl was comparitively... it really just looked comical.

He was allowed to let the food cool down a little. And with the first bite, the time started!
Ari, being the good fiance that she is, kept the time and when Johnny felt like he was getting overwhelmed, she was there to shove his face back down into the noodle bowl.
Johnny strategically maneuvered the noodles into smaller bowls as he went for optimal air flow and cooling. Meanwhile, the Katherine took her afternoon nap on the bench in between me and Jon. What an awesome baby :) She can sleep anywhere!

Ari was really getting a kick out of Johnny's noodling. I seriously have never seen him so focused.

Ari tried her best to console Johnny, but let's face it... that bowl is still AT LEAST half full.

It was a good effort.
We finished off the night at Rick's Dessert Diner

We took our desserts to go and headed home to watch... (you guessed it)
Double dates will never be the same.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sunday at Home

After visiting our Fair Oaks ward for baby blessings yesterday, we got to spend the afternoon at home. Kate had plenty of smiles for dad :)
Katherine is officially 7 months old:

Jon, looking manly ;)

And the Margo pup.

 I'm glad to have these moments together and that we'll have fun memories to look back on as Katherine gets older. We're ready for Spring!