Monday, April 1, 2013

EASTER! and other things we did in March

Our family on Easter Sunday!
(not pictured: Margo)
Jon's tie is a Jerry Garcia, borrowed from his dad's collection. My dress and cardigan were thrift store finds. Kate's dress was handmade by me, and her hair flower is from Little Lesiw! (The lady who makes the blooms gets her fabric from Bev's. It was a perfect match.) Kate's dress ended up a little big on her, which is perfect because she will be able to wear it for a few more months :)
Visiting Gram and Grandpa!
The Easter Bunny brought something adorable for Kate :)

She was also spoiled with puffs, a pink bunny from Grandpa, a board book from Gram, teething cookies from Nana and Papa, and some stacking blocks.
Katherine's first tooth made it's debut on Thursday! You can barely see it coming in. It's the bottom right tooth. Jon and I were VERY excited! I had no idea I would get so excited about her teeth. She especially now likes to munch on everything she can.
Jon and I also worked on decorating an Easter basket for Kate. It's about halfway done. We're hoping to add more to it this week before storing it away. Right now it's full of mine and Jon's candy, but it will definitely be ready for the Easter Bunny to fill with goodies next year!
Jon made the grass and flowers:

I made this little bunny guy with the Easter egg:

In a brief re-cap of the month, here is what else we've been up to:
I made a mini apron for my niece's 6th birthday

Kate gets more adorable every day.

She can sit by herself and loves to look at everything while we are grocery shopping!

Jon and I have been crafting as always (see previous post about knitting). Here is a picture frame/vinyl project we put together for Jon's dad's birthday:

Both the original frame and the vinyl quote are from Beverly's. We did the lay out and tried to find all the pictures we could of Jon's dad with paintings he has worked on for the kids and grandkids. He's done a lot of amazing work!

We got to visit with this lovely lady :) So excited for her finishing law school soon!

We worked on our veggie eating skills

Speaking of crafting and birthdays... my coworker Savannah and I put together a magical basket of goodies for our friend, Shayla. It came complete with a burned-edge scroll of magical directions. Mermaid scales, Siren hair, wings of a Griffin and Phoenix tears, just to name a few.

I met this fantastic creature at work:

It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!!
We made flower tiaras at the park:

And with an average of 2 photo sessions a week, we are definitely having fun and keeping busy. Can't wait to see what April brings!


Brittany Lewis said...

You guys are busy! Great job on Kate's Easter dress--it's beautiful. Thank you guys so much for taking my family's pictures the other week! We LOVE how they turned out. You guys are great!

Stacy and Johnny Stoddard said...

You guys are so fantastic! I love all your pictures and crafts and your beautiful baby :) way to go you 2

BrandonandNatalie said...

Your Kate is such a doll! Her eyes are stunning! I love the family Easter picture.