Monday, April 29, 2013

April - The Month Of...


This truly was a month long project! We worked on it over many days.

Disclaimer: it turns out that we always work on these projects on days when I don't have work and we look all grungy because we want to get messy before we go anywhere - so we're pretty much look like we're un-showered and messy in all of these pictures :)

It all started with a log.

I cut notches 1.5 inches apart
lined it up

and used the Miter saw to cut the wood discs.

I love this shot with the wood dust flying!

Jon cut the rest since he is much more efficient than I am.

Just like butter.

Inside, I traced 1.5x1.5 inch squares on the cut discs.

Then we cut out the cubes.

Mine were a little rough around the edges.

Jon and I decided to get out the table saw so that we'd be a little bit more safe.

His cubes looked amazing!

We let them dry over a couple of days.

Turns out we probably should have let the log dry out first... because they majorly cracked :(

So we went on a trip to Lowe's!

We picked out furrings which are already 1.5 inch square all the way around.

Kate was an excellent helper!

Back at home, we got out the Miter saw again and Jon cut cubes 1.5 inches at a time. I did the initial sanding with a coarse sand paper to smooth out all the corners and edges.
Jon followed up re-sanding them all with a fine grit sand paper to make the cubes extra smooth.

The blocks were then sealed in a food grade mineral oil.

Kate and I picked out a traditional font on the computer and printed out all the letters. Jon fired up the wood burning tool and picked a nice tip. He burned all of the lower case letters on one side.

And I burned all the upper case letters on the other side.

except CLEARLY I do not know my alphabet...
We had one block leftover which we decided to use for shapes. Jon designed and burned this block:
6 shapes in all.
And there you have it!
Kate's very own, handmade, wood blocks :)



Megan said...

LOVE it! What a super fun project. :)

Emily Carroll said...

those turned out super cute! funny also, because april involved a giant wood working project of my own as well. well, i supervised, but still! your projects are so much fun to see :)

Meg said...

I love this! I feel a need to start practicing my wood burning skills so that when the time comes I can make homemade alphabet blocks, too! Or maybe I'll just enlist the help of my best cos.

Also, tell Jon congrats on the job! That's great. Hooray, hooray! That means that you can cut back on your beverly hours and come visit me more often.

Lindsey and Jared said...

Holy cow! This is seriously one of the coolest things I have ever seen! Great work you guys, they turned out great :)

Steph, when are we going to make bows? ;)

Steph said...

I also love how I totally mixed up the W and X in the full alphabet picture! Good job, Steph.

Lindsey, I will get materials soon and we can make plans!

Meg, I would love to come visit more :) We can just take turns.