Sunday, April 28, 2013

The 28

It's time that we back track a little bit and shine a light on Jon!
This month of April is when we celebrate his birthday. This year he turned 28!

We spent his actual birthday with friends at a sushi restaurant that we love. Kate had her first taste of tofu. Yum yum!

It's so fun to see Jon enjoy sushi so much. I think he would eat it every day! Dragon rolls, cherry blossom and spicy tuna are his favorites.

That weekend we had a family dinner with Jon's parents, brother and sister-in-law, and younger sister Beth who was in town for spring break. Jon's brother Mike made a maple bacon cake. It was so delicious! Unfortunately I couldn't find any pictures :(

We acquired an obscene amount of bacon novelty items, including soda and a bacon air freshener for our car...

While the novelty of a bacon air freshener SOUNDS fun, I don't really enjoy the smell of smoked meat every time I get in the Explorer.

Needless to say, the bacon soda was also not a success. As Beth described it, it was basically like cream soda that had cheap bacon bits soaking in it.


We spent some time with my parents and sister as well. They got Jon a delicious chocolate cake with green writing - his favorite color :)

Dad and I couldn't find the candles... so we went with a question mark. haha!

Action shot of Jon blowing out the candle:

Yay birthdays!

I promise Katherine really was more excited than she looks:

Jon got a really good torch for metal work and some fun movies for his collection. We had a great time seeing friends and family and are glad to celebrate another year with him!
Jon has really taken to being a dad. He and Kate are great buddies. He knows all her good tickle spots and likes to make her smile. He is much better at getting her to eat solid food than I am :) I am so grateful for all that he does to take care of our family and it's so fun to see him bond with Kate.

And we are happy to announce that Jon officially has a new job! After a 2 week contract period he was offered a full time position with a national secret shopping business doing editing and proofreading of reports in their quality control office. We are really glad to be getting a foot in the door to bigger and better opportunities for Jon's career :)

Happy 28th Birthday, Jon!

This 29th year will be even better :)

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