Monday, June 3, 2013


Over Memorial Day weekend, we went camping with our awesome friends at Icehouse!
We've since added 3 new little troopers to the group
 Tristen (far left) is almost 5 months old, our Katherine (middle) is 10 months old, and Autumn (far right) is almost 5 months old. She and Tristen are only a week apart!

All the babies were fantastic campers and slept through the night. Autumn had a bit of a rough time. She seemed to have a sensitive tummy and even got slightly sunburnt cheeks the first day. Poor girl!
This year we brought Margo along too. She loves camping and sitting on our laps by the campfire.

The babies did great!


We even had a baby crawl area for them to play and have tummy time:

We loved getting to see all our friends!

Bay & Katherine

Autumn & Breanne

The VanWagenens
Kate was super stylin' in her pink high top converse and the scarf Jon made for her:

 We went on a hike around the beautiful lake:

Kate wore her new sunglasses and actually left them on. I love our family camping picture :)

The boys enjoyed acting like... well, boys.

They smashed up and burned one of Jon's old college sculpture projects:

They also splashed each other with rocks at the lake:

Made Margo swim in the water:

And got in some good reading:

Over all it was a super awesome trip with beautiful weather!

Kate loves me

View of our tent in camp.

Family... oh kids and pets

We can't wait for more camping adventures this summer!

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Lindsey and Jared said...

YES! I love Icehouse! That is where we always went growing up :)

It looks like you guys had a blast and those babies are ADORABLE!