Sunday, June 9, 2013

June Delights

June has never been my favorite month, or one that I really gave a second thought to - but THIS June so far has been full of a lot of things I love!

It's already Summer here in Loomis and we've been enjoying friend's pools and barbecues to beat the heat. The strawberry stands are open, and we're on evening walks more often while the air is still warm. My favorite!

Kate has been moving and crawling more than ever. She even gets up on all fours instead of just army crawling! It is so much fun to watch :)

Jon and I FINALLY got to see the theatrical Les Miserables in Sacramento!

dolled up for the theatre

Jon's parents got us tickets for Christmas, so we've had the receipt posted on the fridge for months. We were excited last week when we realized it was finally here!

Seeing Les Mis on stage was wonderful. The music was breathtaking and the humor was so captivating. I love seeing a story unfold on stage. There is something so fun about a play that you just don't feel in a movie. Jon and I are huge fans of live music and entertainment always, so it was right up our alley. PLUS we looked amazing ;) That's our kind of date night!

Last week I read The Great Gatsby. I know what you're thinking - you just NOW read The Great Gatsby?? Well, it was one of the few books from high school that I just didn't care about at the time. I didn't really give it the chance it deserved. Jon has a really awesome old copy of it, so I pulled it off the shelf and read it in a week. It was totally not what I expected and was beautifully written. Some of my new favorite quotes are definitely in that book. I will admit that the movie encouraged me to finally buckle down and read it. I definitely hate seeing a movie/book adaptation before reading the original. Hopefully I'll go out with my friend Bay in a couple weeks to see Baz Luhrman's version. I've heard mixed reviews, so we'll see!

Most especially awesome in this month of June... Jon was offered a teaching job!!

He will be teaching composition 1 and 2 (basically first level writing courses) at an accredited tech college in Natomas (Sacramento). I am so happy for and proud of him! He's been so discouraged looking for work, but he has never given up. This is such a great starting point for him to finally gain college level teaching experience. I know he is going to learn a lot, and we're super grateful to his awesome friend, Tess and her recommendation!

So far, this June is turning out alright :)


Meg said...

And today is only the 10! Who knows what great things are in store for you for the rest of the month, though it's hard to imagine anything better than what's already happened. Congrats to Jon!

Brittany Lewis said...

Congrats to Jon on the teaching job! How exciting! I remember that The Great Gatsby was one of the books from high school that I enjoyed. How fun that you guys got to see Les Miserable!