Monday, July 1, 2013

June - The Month Of...


This was an especially fun one for me and a project that I looked forward to for a long time. I have ALWAYS wanted to make a quilt, but I have been so intimidated.

The best part was that of all the fabrics we carry at Beverly's, there was a collection that I was particularly excited about and had my eyes on for years, so when it got pulled last month for an upcoming sale, I knew I was going to have to make something fabulous with it.

We decided it was best suited for a Family Home Evening blanket.

The idea to make an FHE blanket came from a talk in sacrament meeting a couple months back. A new family in our ward was speaking, and the mom had all these adorable and awesome family ideas, so I wrote them all down! One of my favorites was making an FHE blanket, so that on your weekly family night, the kids all sit on the special blanket, which gathers everyone together and makes it into a little game. Plus, how cool is that to have a special handmade blanket JUST for family night?? Sold.

First, Jon and I browsed Pinterest together to find quilts that we liked the looks of. I wanted to make sure our quilt was something we both loved to look at and work on.

Then I searched for Easy/Beginner Quilt Patterns. I especially loved this lady's links. I had more hope for the project to turn out well when she said:

"Your first quilt should be a project that you'll finish with ease -- something that will make you say "bring on the next quilt." All of these quilt patterns are a good choice for beginning quilters, but I write all patterns with detailed instructions, so be sure to browse the website for more -- you might be surprised how many quilt patterns look difficult, but are actually quite easy"

Bring it on, quilting!


Well, here we are. 11pm on June 30th. The last day of the month.

Our quilt pretty much looks like this:

On June 13th we had a pretty good run of cutting out strips and measuring... then Jon turned into a quilt ninja.

At least we did a lot of good prep work! I'm glad that we can keep working on it over this Summer. June turned out to be a lot more crazy than anticipated.

So, for the month of quilting - FAIL. But that doesn't mean that the project has died. We will follow up when we come back around to it :) Looks like we just needed a little more motivation on this one.


merrilykaroly said...

That's a cute idea-- FHE quilt. I like it!

Emily Carroll said...

i 100% feel you on this! i have to REALLY be in the mood for quilting to make things happen... but i'm ALWAYS in the mood to fabric shop. haha. hence the fabric that has been on my ironing board for about a month now waiting to be cut out :)