Saturday, June 15, 2013

NOT a Father's Day

This morning Katherine decided she was going to make waffles.

She opened up our cookbook and said, "Here mom, use this measuring cup!"

She helped me put all the ingredients in the bowl, and talked to me the whole time while waving her measuring cup around.

Then she said, "Look, mom. I think we need to appreciate dad and all he does. Cuz we love him a ton. Right??"

 "He deserves a special breakfast! But NOT for Father's Day, because he said he doesn't want anything."

I said, "You're right!" and we cooked him bacon and hash browns too.

Katherine helped me color a "NOT a Father's Day card" earlier this week, so that Jon would know how much we love him on the day before Father's Day and ALL days of the year.

When I got home from work, Jon's "NOT a Father's Day present" had arrived! Katherine helped me pick it out. I told Jon he could open it today because it was NOT for Father's Day. He can wear it on Sundays and at his new teaching job (since he wears a dress shirt and tie everyday now). We wanted Jon to remember us and how much we appreciate him every time he sees it!

He is such a good dad and loves to make Katherine giggle. She lights up and smiles when he looks at her across the room. He works so hard to do good things for our family and brings the priesthood to our home, which we are so blessed by! We like to appreciate him every day of the year, of course, but this is the first year that he is officially a dad, so Kate really wanted to do something for him.We think it turned out pretty fun!

We love you, Jon! Happy NOT Father's Day :)

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