Monday, June 3, 2013

Turtles in a Hole

For the month of May we made candy!

In our second attempt, we actually had our candy thermometer! So things worked out much better :)

Ingredients looking all measured and delicious:

mmmmm, swirly caramel:

Pecans, on the chopping block, all ready to go!

Bubbling deliciousness:

Once the caramel was mixed together and vanilla added, we dolloped spoonfuls of the sugary stuff onto a cookie sheet to cool. Some even had bacon added.

The caramels were hand rolled into soft balls and then dipped by the spoonful into smooth melted chocolate:

Rolled around for even coating...

and then placed on wax paper for hardening in the freezer:

At this point we took a break to go to church. I had made Kate a new dress, which she wore in adorable baby style :)

Success! It's the second (and I think best) dress I have made for her yet.

Buttons up in the back:

After church, it was time to make the doughnuts...

My handsome pastry maker:

Our friend Tim stopped by, and just in time!

The doughnut batter was wrapped around the chilled turtles

and then dropped into hot oil

after being fried and then rolled in powdered sugar, it was time for the official taste test of approval!


Turtles in a Hole
(created by Jon & Steph - inspired by a Roald Dahl book)

We also took a plate of them to our friends, the Barnetts.
They took big bites without us even telling them what was inside. What good sports :)

Woah! Delicious.

I really should have taken some pictures of people smiling after they ate our candy experiment. Everything was eaten, so I guess we can call this one a win :)

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