Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Camping

 A couple weekends ago we went camping with our awesome friends, the Hoopers!

We were really glad we could spend some time with Summer and Riley before they move to Utah for LDSBC at the end of August.

Jon and his family have camped at Plumas Eureka State Park every year since he was born, so we make a trip up there at least once every summer. It was fun for us to learn that Riley is actually from the area! So he knew the towns already.
We set up camp and just chilled. It was so nice just to be in a peaceful area!

Kate had her own camping chair this time - passed down to us from her cousin, AnnMarie.

Kate really enjoyed Summer and Riley

She is so happy and social. She really takes well to others and shows off her pearly whites whenever possible.
While camping we ate roasted cornish hen and potatoes, cobbler, eclairs (we made them over the campfire - so genius!) and steak foil packs. I could eat camping food all the time :)

We went to the museum, where Katherine checked out the foxglove:

and she got a new book called The Graeagle Bear to add to her collection. We checked out the blacksmith, walked to the old stamp mill, and went into Graeagle one day for ice cream and wandered the little antique shops. (We were really roughing it, as you can see.)

 We took lots of naps and read books. On Sunday we went for a "leisurely walk" to Jamison Falls...

which turned out to be a booney crashing adventure through downed trees and overgrown trails. It's usually a little bit of rough terrain, but Jon and I hadn't been to the Falls in a couple years. I guess they've had some harsh winters!
Summer and Riley were awesome sports and even helped carry Margo along when the logs were too big for her :)
We spent a couple hours at the waterfall, ate snacks and took naps.


Kate enjoyed her camping buddy, Margo.

Margo's wet paw prints:

We're so glad that we have been able to enjoy this summer in our favorite parts of nature! Kate is a great little camper already. On to more summer adventures!

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The BaKeRs said...

Looks like u guys had a blast! I love how camper savvy Katherine is already :)