Monday, September 9, 2013

Kate @ 13 Months

Life is fun with a one-year-old-almost-toddler!

 Katherine is a bright and happy baby. She is so thoughtful and observant! We love to see her curiosity, except that it also means she is into everything...

Kate is enjoying her new found mobility of cruising while holding onto things. She can walk with us holding just one of her hands, and she will free stand (for a record 10 seconds) but hasn't taken her own first steps yet.

Kate loves music and will wiggle when any song plays. She enjoys bouncing to music while standing and strums Jon's guitar strings whenever she can get to it.

Katherine communicates in her own way. She can shake her head "no" and nod her head "yes". She mostly likes to point at things that she wants or has questions about. Many times it sounds like she is saying words, but she is still speaking her own baby language. We think she is part ewok.
Kate always waves and smiles at herself in the mirror. She loves bath time, biting her rubber bath toys, and sucking on the washcloth.

Her favorite toys are ones that make noise (rattles and chimes or crinkly fabrics). If she is given a slew of toys on her play-mat, she always throws everything aside for her books.

Katherine can throw Margo's ball for her

and loves pulling the books and DVDs off the shelf.
She loves opening drawers and cupboards as well as crawling over to doors and opening and closing them.

She also discovered how to unroll the toilet paper a few weeks ago. We're still working on teaching her how to roll it BACK...

Kate is very social and will let anyone hold her. She doesn't have any stranger anxiety and waves at people wherever we go.

We love playing with her as she makes faces and funny noises. Our favorites are still her growling and when she blows raspberries on her own arm.

Kate loves her water bottle with a straw and can hold it all on her own.

We are working on helping her eat independently. It is adorable to watch her dip a spoon in a yogurt cup and then successfully get it to her mouth! Sometimes oatmeal goes well.

She is still a huge fan of fruit over veggies or anything else.

There are a couple big teeth working their way in, which caused a fever for a few days last week. For the first time it made Katherine so grumpy that she woke up in the middle of the night and was cuddly with us all day. She didn't want anyone to put her down! It was really adorable even though she was super clingy and miserable.

Overall she is a healthy, happy kid! At her pediatric check up this week, she weighed 18lb 11oz and was 28in long. Tiny girl! She is finally starting to wear size 3 shoes (typically that is 6-9month size) and otherwise her torso is long enough for 18 month onesies.

We are so glad she is part of our family and can't wait to see what she does next :)

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