Monday, September 30, 2013

Projects & Updates

 In the last few weeks, we've been making a lot of things.

 My friend Breanna was a great co-coach when we had baby Kate. When it came time to tell her I was pregnant again, I wanted to find a cute way to ask her to be our support team coach with Baby Alston The Second. Think of something along the lines of "will you be my bridesmaid?" and "coach/team awesomeness".

I came up with this!

It started off with a rhyming poem I made up:

And then each thing in the basket had a little tag on it:

The bucket was lime green and lined with a fat quarter that I found at Beverly's which said "it's a boy! it's a girl! it's twins!" That way it covers all our bases since we're not finding out what we're having :)

I also made TEAM buttons for Breanna, her husband Ben (aka The Don) and our little family. Mine says "Mommy of 2", Kate's says "The Chubs aka Big Sister!" and Jon's says "Big Daddy".

Mid-September, our 3 wards in Loomis put together a Super Saturday of holiday crafting! I signed up to make this awesome advent calendar. I have been looking for years to find ideas for a Christ centered advent calendar. I like candy and Santa as much as the next person, but Jon and I both agreed that we want our traditions to be centered around the true meaning of the season first and foremost.

First, we painted everything. The calendar is built on an 18x24" piece of wood, which I painted a deep barn red. The little 3x3" wood squares were painted chocolate brown, as well as the long rectangular piece that would eventually go on the top:

3x3" scrapbooking paper squares were Mod Podged down in a 5x5 grid. The top portion as well as each paper square then had a vinyl applique rubbed on. My awesome friend Michelle O'Keefe came and helped me applied the vinyl since she finished all her craft projects super quick :)

We used little gold finishing nails to attach "The Savior" sign and put a little nail in each grid square so that our wood tiles could hang from them:

The 3x3 brown wood tiles that I painted at the beginning each got a unique picture of Christ Mod Podged to it:

Deseret Book sells these 3x4" card packs in their teaching helps section of the bookstore. I cut them down to fit the 3x3 tile size,

and then used Jon's japanese screw punch (which he uses for bookmaking) to punch out the perfect hole in the top to hang the tiles on the nails: 

Once all the Savior pictures were Mod Podged, I wrote a scripture and activity on the back of each tile. I got these awesome gold shadow gel pens from Beverly's for my birthday, so they worked out perfect on the dark chocolate color of the tiles!

I wanted the calendar to be interchangeable from year to year so that the kids can pick their favorite pictures to hang up and we don't have to do the activities in the same order every time:

 And here it is, all finished and ready for December!!

This month has also brought a lot of fun crafting for friends. This week I finished a stacked charm necklace for my awesome friend Lindsey. She had baby Leila in June and we took her newborn pictures. Here is the actual center charm picture so that you can see it close up:

Here is how the necklace looks all put together. It's hard to see the detail, but we printed the picture above in a really small version. The charm center measures 1/4" across. Epiphany Crafts sells a tool that punches perfect circles to fit in their pendants. You can make them out of pictures, scrapbook paper, or whatever you want! Then a clear epoxy dot sealer adheres on top and I used E6000 to put the picture inside the silver pendant blank. The charms on each side are Leila's first initial and her birthstone (a pearl).

I am so happy with how it turned out and I think Lindsey loved it! I used Leila as a trial run so that we can start selling these in our ETSY store :)

 There are many other projects that Jon and I have been working on, between The Year of Exploration, Halloween, Christmas and baby showers coming up - like my first ever project with minkie which turned out amazing and I'm super excited about!

but I'll have to show you all of those later.


In family updates:

Baby Alston The Second is 14 weeks along!

 I've been feeling great, starting to be less tired and less *bleh* as we head into the second trimester. We always called Kate "Sven" before she was born since we didn't know if she was a boy or a girl. This second baby has been nicknamed "Olivander." So far everything is good!

Kate has 10 teeth, with two new ones that cut through Saturday! She now has 4 teeth on the top front, one top right molar, one bottom right molar and 4 bottom front teeth.
I tried to get a good picture of her smile, but she is so wiggly!

 Kate has also started sitting in her own mini chair in primary sometimes. We are really excited for her to start nursery in 4 months!

Eating a wheat thin and glaring at me while I try to get a picture of her cuteness :)

Our primary class also loves Kate and will help her walk to sharing time after class:

 At home, Kate loves to stand at the edge of the tub while we fill it with water for her bath times and she tries her hardest to lift her leg up and climb in! She also tries to stand up in the bathtub holding onto the soap dish while we wash her. She is a silly and adventurous explorer.

Kate has also discovered that if she dances in her high chair during meal times, she can hear the food sloshing around in her tummy. She starts giggling and it makes me laugh so hard every time!

Kate loves turning light switches on and off, and has recently discovered this switch nice and low:

which is for the garbage disposal...

I put some tape over it and I'm hoping that helps curb her curiosity. Needless to say, we are also working on listening to the word "no" :)

 Next stop: OCTOBER!


Brittany Lewis said...

i love all your cute projects! I still can't believe you're pregnant. :) i'm happy for you guys!

Lindsey and Jared said...

Oh my gosh! I need an advent calendar like that. I LOVE IT! I love everything about it! You should sell those in your etsy shop so I can buy one!

Oh, and you are right, I am IN LOVE with the necklace! Love you guys!

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

Oh my gosh, all of this is so ADORABLE!!! :) So much talent!