Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kate @ 15 Months

Kate is 15 months old! She is definitely a toddler now and already testing her toddler attitude. She is looking so much more like a kid than a baby now in everything she does. Gosh, I love her pigtails!!

Kate walks everywhere. She is quite the mover! She is still getting used to shoes, but always perseveres and keeps standing even when she falls. Last week we put her in a cute set of bear jammies that were just a LITTLE too small for her. The legs didn't give her enough room to really walk like she's used to. After a couple little falls on the bum, she finally stood up and fell straight backward like a dead fall on her back! Luckily she was on carpet and the jammies were really padded. It was so adorably funny and sad at the same time.

Kate loves throwing Margo's toys for her. She will giggle and clap her hands! Books are Kate's favorite toys. She will wake up in the morning and point at her bookshelf saying "boo!" She loves to pick out books and carry them everywhere. She will read to me whenever possible. She doesn't always have the patience to let us sit and read a whole story to her (she really prefers just to turn the pages and point at the pictures) but I'm still glad that she has a love for reading already. I'm hoping that her first real official word that she can say the whole way is "book".

When given a hair brush to hold she will run it through her hair. It's so fun to see her learning how things work and understanding when she watches us. I didn't realize that she would be imitating us so early on. Like most kids, she also loves to pull the toilet paper off the roll. This week she has been tearing off a piece and holding it to her face and blowing. Jon and his mom both had colds last week. I wonder where she learned that...? ;)

Kate will also hold cell phones up to her ear and talk to them... much to daddy's chagrin.

Kate's sign language is getting better and she is so close to saying words! She will say "mooo-re?" all the time as she signs. She doesn't quite have the "R" sound down, but at least we know what she's talking about :)

This morning I went into her room when she woke up and I asked her to say "hi mommy!" and she did say "mama!" I'm not sure she knows it's me, but it was still cute.

Kate loves to push buttons on the remotes, the TV itself, or anything else she can. She has a little leapfrog alphabet toy that was passed onto us from some cousins and she knows how to start the alphabet song, so she will play it over and over again! Kate also recognizes a few body parts (like her nose and eyes) and can point to them on herself and others.

Kate likes to feed us and the dog. She will pick Margo's food out of her bowl one kibble at a time and laugh when Margo takes the kibble from her hand. This morning with breakfast we had a banana and Kate loved picking pieces off the banana and feeding them to me. It's cute to see her learning how to do things for us that we have always done for her.

Katherine loves dancing to music and she loves baths. Katherine's favorite foods are anything with fruit and breakfast. She will eat a whole peanut butter and jelly sandwich on her own at lunch. She struggles with most dinner times, but still eats everything. I can just tell it's not her favorite because she's usually grumpy about it. Hopefully we can find better ways to help her enjoy dinner time.

We're hoping that potty training is fast approaching and will be easy. Kate has started to pull at her diaper when she goes, so we taught her the sign for "potty". Now when we notice her squat, we ask her if she is going "potty" and she will sign back to us. Then we take her to change her diaper right away. She is so smart and helpful. I love it!

She has no idea that we have another baby coming (at least as far as we can tell). She is happily oblivious, but does like poking my big tummy. I tell her there is a baby in there, and I've helped her learn to be gentle with her baby dolls, but when Olivander is born I'm sure there will be much wonder and confusion in her 19 month old brain :)

I am really looking forward to Christmas this year with Kate! I know she will love looking at Christmas lights and having a tree here in the house. People should make "Baby's 2nd Christmas" ornaments, because that's the first one that's exciting haha!

Kate loves animals (especially dogs!) and enjoys walking laps around the house. She can also make it up the stairs in 30 seconds by herself. We worked on teaching her to come back down safely, so she knows how to come down backwards, one step at a time. Last week she made it all the way up the stairs with a book so that Grandma and Grandpa Alston would read to her. She just went one step at a time, putting the book in front of her and then climbing up the next one. It's amazing to watch her figure these things out for herself!

Kate usually spends one or two days a week with Gram and Grandpa Bailey for a few hours. It's so cute to see her smile and get excited when we get to their house.

Overall, we couldn't have asked for a more hilarious and awesome kid. She is so happy and curious! I know she will be an awesome big sister.

Speaking of which - I am just past 21 weeks and feeling good!

Our 20 week ultrasound was really fun and baby Olivander looks great! We're not finding out the gender though, so you'll just have to wait until March :)


The BaKeRs said...

I LOVE KATE!!! & ur olivander bump

The BaKeRs said...

Oh also I love that you call baby2 baby olivander... I love naming your children before they are born :) I am not only an awesome Labor coach.. but an awesome name giver!