Thursday, May 1, 2014

Edwin @ 4 Weeks

This little chubmeister is 4 weeks old!

Edwin is already growing a lot. He weighs about 9.5lbs and is 22 inches long. I love seeing him start to round out and have rolly wrists and dimpled elbows. Edwin is very serious and knows what he likes. Everything is dramatic and critical for him. He is either content or he is wailing pathetically to the point that he's out of breath and his little chin quivers. So ridiculous!

Most of the time Edwin prefers to be held. He enjoys looking out the window and especially does well out and about when I carry him in the front pack.

One of my favorite things that Edwin does is make little snorting grunts like a baby pig :) He loves to snuggle into my neck and make these sounds. It cracks me up every time!

He's starting to smile more these days and it just melts my heart.

He is also starting to coo more and makes adorable sighing noises. He will arch his back when he stretches and make a duck face (just like Kate did!). Edwin loves his hands and will wiggle out of his swaddle whenever possible to suck on them.

Edwin had his first real bath in the sink this past week and LOVED it!

Who doesn't love a warm soak and nice little body massage with lavender lotion afterward?

Edwin is very different from Kate. He loves being on his tummy and will easily do 10-15 minutes on the floor perfectly happy before he cries at all. A couple days ago he almost fell asleep just playing on his tummy.

Although he eats fine, Edwin is not a great nurser. Thankfully we can still exclusively breastfeed, but while doing so Edwin is very frantic if his tummy hurts and will swallow a lot of air, thus continuing the cycle. Latching on is a matter of preference for him. I really have to take my time and keep working with Edwin to get started again and be consistent.

We started trying a bottle with him this past week so that he can get used to it before I go back to work. Since Beth is home for a few weeks she had the honor of giving him his first bottle:

Like a champ!
Edwin hates any sort of discomfort. He does not appreciate a dirty diaper and lets us know it! He also dislikes having his diaper changed and hates when I get him dressed. He resists falling asleep and hates the initial swaddle, but once we have him nice and tight we've found he likes sitting up and being rocked in an upright position. Edwin does not like being on his back. It's so interesting to learn what he likes and the things that work for him. It's making all of our lives easier now that we know his routine. The more we can have him propped up while sleeping the happier he is.

Edwin's crankiness seems mostly related to his gassy tummy, although Jon and I don't believe in colic. The Happiest Baby methods still work great on him if we do them right, and thankfully Edwin is sleeping steadily 5-6 hours each night and sometimes longer.

He is one of the greatest joys of our family and I'm so thankful for his health and great personality. Kate has instantly taken to being a big sister and even Margo thinks he's pretty alright. We love him so much!! I can't wait to see how much he grows in month 2 :)


Lindsey and Jared said...

Haha! Love that last onesie.

I can't believe how big he's gotten already. What a handsome little man :)

Liz Lewis said...

Sounds like little Edwin and Caleb will get along pretty well!

Brittany Lewis said...

He is the sweetest little guy!!! Thanks for the update and pics. Also, I never thought to put a towel in the sink to give baby baths...what a genius idea. I will have to do that.