Monday, May 12, 2014


On April 11th we celebrated Jon's 29th birthday!!

During the week leading up to the big day, I felt very proud of myself working with Lindsey Joyner to craft, create, and connive some excellent awesomeness while keeping some surprises hidden and adjusting to life with a newborn again.

You know you're a great mom when you can nurse and wrap presents at the same time.

Yes, that's Christmas paper.

On Jon's actual birthday he had the day off work! So we had an epic picnic in Loomis:

Kate blinking fail.

Jon, Kate and Margo had a great time playing together :) I loved watching them run around the fields. Kate has the best squealing laugh when she chases the pup!

That evening we headed to Jared and Lindsey's for some Mario Kart, but since we were going to be there past Kate's bedtime we left her at home with the grandparents. I insisted that we take a family pic though that afternoon. As you can see, it was quite successful...

Jon knew that we were going to eat pizza and play video games with friends, but he DIDN'T know he would be walking into a Mario themed bash!

Lindsey & Leila

Ali & Edwin


Ali, Edwin, Brenda, Lindsey & Miss Leila

Ayda, Adam & baby Jackson!
Jared and Lindsey graciously volunteered their home and had 2 gaming stations set up. One TV with Mario Kart on N64 and the other with the Wii version.

Nicolette was really into it!

Nicolette, Jake, Jon & The Tim

Lindsey was the AMAZING creator of all the Mario staches. She even made mini ones for the babies :)

I had gathered candy and made lollipops and cupcakes to represent Mario's world of awesomeness.

After 5 pizzas, many Henry Weinhard's, and the biggest variety of vanilla ice creams for making sundaes that I've ever seen, we wandered home in sugar coma delight.

(Basically I planned the party food for a 12 year old and forgot we're all 20/30 somethings now)

A huge thank you to everyone that came and participated, loaded us up with soda, shouted with excitement, posed for ridiculous mustache pictures, bought extra pizzas, provided 25 types of ice cream, including dairy free for me, and let us trash their home, take over their kitchen and cleaned up ALL the dishes so that I could manage to host a little, decorate freshly baked mini strawberry toadstool cupcakes, and (oh yeah) care of our 12 day old baby.

Jon is SO worth it!!

look at that hunk :)

Even with all his goofiness (and rarely smiling for pictures) I am so thankful for this handsome, honest, loyal, trustworthy, sensitive, selfless, and fun-loving priesthood holder husband and father. He deserved a GREAT birthday in the midst of bringing home baby II and all of the other changes we have going on this year. Jon is such a good sport and so supportive of all the crazy things I want to do. Seriously crazy. And I couldn't be more in love with his love of me.

Happy Birthday Jon!! I hope your 29th year is the best yet :)

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Brittany Lewis said...

Wow, I can't believe you threw that party with a newborn baby! I am impressed. Looks like you had a lot of help from great friends, too. You guys are so fun!! Happy birthday to Jon.