Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Plumas Eureka 2014

I always love being outdoors and observing nature when camping. This year I witnessed some beautiful things!

Here we see wild creatures foraging for food in their natural habitat:

 Their young scamper about, fighting to establish territory by collecting everything in sight and claiming it theirs with an intense death grip:

The members of the cub pack rub as much dirt on themselves as possible, hoping to blend in to their surroundings and throwing off predators:


The most awesome offspring learn these warrior skills from their parents:

Of course, in the end one cub always stands supreme and sends the other (weaker) cubs running:

they fear there is no hope left for humanity.

Like a true leader, the best of cubs ends up being very loyal to the pack and insists on helping, even without being asked.

The youngest of cubs is looked upon favorably:

He is protected by the most amazing circle of loving mama bears:

Sweet and talented, these ladies know how to party!!

(best old-school rendition of "Oh Susannah" I've ever heard!)

Although wild at heart, the pack shows strong family ties:

The bearded one doesn't like to be spooked ^^

Better to observe in his natural element:

My favorite moments were seeing the cubs together:

Although somewhat narcissistic,

 and oftentimes nudists,

they are loving,

and clean up pretty well!


The men of the pack* even had their own adventure exploring and being artistic:


I even really liked the selfie that they attempted to take of themselves at the top of the waterfall:

 *note: the 4th man of the pack was off being manly; hiking the nearby mountain peak and biking like, 50 miles. True story.

Although the sleeping arrangements weren't ideal...

yeah... that's the Weber's air mattress to the left, and OUR air mattress to the right. Fail.
 The views were spectacular.

This was our 3rd annual summer camping trip with the group, and it's so fun to see how we've grown!



Tristen, Kate, and Autumn

We're hoping for many more years of camping with this wild pack!


Lindsey and Jared said...

Your pack is definitely growing from year to year! This post was super great :)

Bay said...

This is adorable!! What a fun trip!

The BaKeRs said...

I love how you narrated these pictures!! So awesome!!! I love how you have such a neat tradition!