Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Who's That Girl?

I find people like this inspiring. Most especially people like this.

I love blogging. It is one part journal writing, one part history making, three parts fun, and five parts pictures. It's just the right amount of sharing, and when you collect the blogging world it is a whole bunch of human interest pieces. Creative non-fiction and memoirs are my favorite genre to read. Blogging hits both of these (amateur and not) straight on! What's not to love??

Although I consider Jon to be "the photographer" I am very often the one behind the camera, so there are hardly ever pictures of me comparative to the rest of my little family. I need to work on that. When Jon does catch pictures of me it's usually during a lighting check or while I'm posing subjects...


Just how I want to be remembered - helping adjust posture.

I recently quit chewing gum. Cold turkey. That may not sound like much of a feat, but I have been a chronic gum chewer since I was a child. I always tried to limit it to one piece a day, and I always chewed sugar-free, because I felt like then it wasn't so bad. I constantly had at least one pack of gum in my purse, and a couple more at home on reserve. Always fruity. It was an addiction. I don't know how I justified it for so long. I have now been 100% gum-free for 2 months!
(there was a brief chiclet incident at church last Sunday. it didn't last long.)

All I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a mom. I can honestly say now that I'm living my dream.

I love late night snacks. 9:30pm is generally my "chocolate-craving-hour". The struggle is real.

 I am currently obsessed with the color teal.

If I could eat at one restaurant for the rest of my life it would be Loomis Chinese.

 When I was in 7th grade I tried to convince my friends that my nickname needed to be "Anie". (Annie, but with only ONE n, like the last part of my name... Stephanie...) glad that didn't stick.

I have written "baby letters" to my children since before I was pregnant with Kate. I still average about one per month for each of them. I've documented pre-pregnancy through toddlerhood now, and plan to continue as long as I can. These are thoughts and memories that I want them to know I felt in the moment, and that are not shared anywhere else (not on the blog, Instagram, facebook, or even my own personal journal.) These are letters just for them. They have become writing time that I really look forward to. I don't do it on a schedule. Just whenever the feelings build up and I feel like I can't go another day without telling them how amazing they are. I don't plan on ever telling them about these letters. I keep them in their own binders and I'm hoping one day they will just find them. It will be fun when they can actually understand my words.

I feel a lot of feels. I'm one of the biggest criers I know.

I almost always have something stuck in my eye.

I own 18 colors of nail polish.

I used to be able to read a book in a day. Now Jon has surpassed me in total number of books read by at least 500.

I do not like to shop. I'm a buyer, and very impulsive, but shopping (especially for clothes) is one of my most hated tasks. I'd rather be able to buy something that catches my eye and that I fall in love with than spend time trying to find things that fit right (because they never do) and I always have a particular style or idea in mind, and I hardly ever find what I'm looking for. My biggest temptation is accessories.

When it comes to clothes, I know what I like and can tell you exactly why something either does or does not work for me, down to the color, shape, fit, and pull.

I'm all about polka dots. I don't own any stripes. Plaids are scattered in occasionally. Heels should always be high and with a rounded or peep toe, never pointed. Clothes are to be elegant and feminine. I don't always dress this way, but 75% of my wardrobe consists of dresses and skirts. Boots and dress coats are a staple. One of my favorite pair of high-heeled brown knee high boots came from a thrift store for $5. I love a good inexpensive find :) ModCloth is my go-to for incredible modest dresses and inspiration. Although generally on the more expensive side, their sales and clearance items are amazing! It has sleeves, comes to the knee, and actually fits? Sign. me. up.

Latter Day Saint living is my culture. There is no start or finish to my religion. The gospel of Christ is essential and lived to the fullest. My mormon life rocks.

My favorite breakfast food is pancakes. I will always pick sausage links over bacon.

If there is ever lemonade on the menu, it will get. in. meh. bellay!

My hair changes monthly.

Pomeranians are my dream dog.

Cherry pie is better than cake.

Target is my favorite store.

My secret wish is to someday be a legit astronomer.

Next month I will have successfully completed my 27th year on this planet. Can't wait to see who I am in 27 more :)


Emily Carroll said...

oh man. i thought i was alone in the world with my self titled "chronic something in my eye syndrome"
it truly is the worst!
and yes, i totally feel you on shopping. i hate when i need new jeans, because it indefinitely means trying a million things on. and not everything that is "tall" is flattering. lol

Lindsey and Jared said...

I love everything about this . You are so cute and fun and inspiring. And I have a legit gum addiction and crave graham crackers and milk at 9:30. Love it!

Bay said...

I love the picture in the polka dots! You are gorgeous! One of the first things I noticed about you was your spunky and cute style. I wanted to be your friend immediately!

The BaKeRs said...

I Love you! Thank you for sharing about YOU! We cant forget about you!! Most of us who follow this blog were friends with YOU before you became an Alston :)

I love you to pieces and I am so grateful to be one of your besties!
I have learned a lot from you over the years and you are one of the best friends anyone could ask for.