Tuesday, September 2, 2014

PB & J

"Hey Liam, do you know what I can do??"

"Blow spit bubbles like this??"

"No way! But I'm a great baby holder. Look how many babies I can hold at one time!"

"Do you want to practice holding my baby brother, Edwin?"

"Hey, Liam! You're almost as good of a baby holder as me!"

"Do you know where babies come from, Liam?"

"I think they come from this minion foot, Kate."

"Well, that's just ridiculous."

"My baby brother Edwin grew in my mommy's tummy!"

"And in September, you will have a baby brother too!"

 "Well, in that case I should practice more baby holding on you, Kate."

"I bet I can pick you up!"

"We'll let Eli worry about holding little Edwin. He needs to practice being an uncle again!"

"I'm going to be a great big brother. I'll even be able to do my baby brother's hair!"

"I'm going to be the best big brother ever."

"Well now I'm bummed that I'm moving away and won't be able to see your new baby, Liam!"

"Mom, can I fly out with the new baby to see Kate and Edwin in Idaho??"


"Don't worry, Liam. We'll see you all again really soon."

 "I mean, c'mon. How could they say no to our cute faces???"

Can't wait to see the newest baby O'Keefe!!

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The BaKeRs said...

I love this post!!! It is so cute!