Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Cutest Things

Kate loves to carry around my scriptures. She calls them "kippers".
She also loves to read and asks for books ALL the time.

She loves looking at herself in the mirror and making faces

Sometimes Kate will come up with the most random things! Like last week when she opened a pocket on the sleeve of Jon's jacket and said, “Candy, where’s you is?”

She is starting to learn more about emotions, and refers to herself in third person.

Last week after whining about not being allowed to hold my phone, she said, "Oh no, my Kate is sad.”

Kate definitely has favorite foods and insists on eating them often. Most mornings she requests "waffle eggs" for breakfast, and even though we don't buy Goldfish anymore she still insists on having "fishy crackers" as snacks. Last week Kate asked for a yogurt, and when Jon explained that we don't get yogurt anymore she insisted, "...I Kate eat-a the yogurt in the mouth."
Looks like we might have a Coco situation on our hands soon...

Katherine will regularly dart around the house to the giggles and delighted shrieks of baby Wynn!
She is also still getting naked as much as possible.

We've had lots of snow lately and Kate really likes going outside to "hold the snow"

Snow in my hair walking from class:

It's been so fun to explore the world with Kate!

Kate selfie:

Edwin is a little cheesy ham.

He loves to smile and babble at us, especially at Kate. He arches his back to see where she is at all times.

He is very curious about the world and always interested in what we're up to.

Wynn has this adorable habit of sucking in his top lip so that his bottom lip protrudes WAY out in the biggest cheesy pout you've ever seen. It's one of my absolute favorite things that he does!

When you tickle right under his collar bone, he lights up into a thousand adorable giggles. He loves bath time

and especially being wrapped in a towel afterward. It always makes him laugh!

Edwin is still a really cute sleeper, even though teething has been rough on him.

He has found that chewing on Margo's bone helps a lot...

The best part of his laugh now is seeing his fantastic new bottom teeth which just started poking through the gums last week. No pictures yet of the elusive pearly whites!

We are so grateful for these little people in our lives. They are definitely the cutest things!


Beth said...

I just love that you post updates about you guys all the time. I miss those babies!!

Lindsey and Jared said...

They are getting so big! I love that Kate is developing such a personality. I definitely have conversations like that cookie video with Christian almost daily, so good luck with that. And oh my gosh, Baby Wynn...he is so handsome, I can't believe it. I can't wait to squeeze him ;)