Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fancy Finger Painting

Kate is an art junkie.

If there is anything vibrant, liquidy, of gooey texture, or particularly messy, she seeks after these things.

As such we like to give her lots of opportunities to express her creative side. Even if it ends up looking like a puddly swamp mess.


 I wish I had her inhibition and could enjoy being this sticky and colorful!

 As Jackson Pollock once said: "Painting is self discovery. Every good artist paints what he is."

Kate is colorful, bright, bold, spontaneous, fearless, fun-loving, and not afraid of what others think of her. She loves to feel and explore the world. She knows it's ok to make messes, because we can always sing the clean-up song later.

I think her life motto is: "It's always a good time for finger paints." I could really learn a lot from her :)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Edwin @ 10 months

Edwin Alexander

Also goes by:
Mr. Wynn, sir, cutes, sweets, babes, handsome, and loves.

Currently has:
6 teeth

Likes to:
be held ALL the time,
have his teeth brushed (it always makes him giggle!),
stand and look at books,

press buttons on the record player,
throw tantrums,

(yes, sometimes he'll even just sit in the middle of the room and cry).

He likes to taste anything I'm eating,

and take baths.

We always thought Kate liked baths, but it turns out she just tolerates them. Edwin on the other hand CAN'T GET ENOUGH. He even loves playing with the drain while I'm in the shower. He just watches all the water go down, and he kicks and splashes beneath my feet. He gets soaked, I get a shower, and he has a blast playing in a safe place where I can see him. Also, he gets clean by association, so we both win!

 having to wait for anything.
when Kate takes his toys away.
 getting teeth.
Well, when he turned 10 months old he was still HATING food. It was seriously like this every day:

so sad, yet so cute.

but just in this last week he has done a complete turn around! Something must have clicked and now he can't get enough. It has been such a huge blessing. Where it used to take him at least 3 days to finish just one jar of baby food, he is now going through 1-2 jars in one sitting! Serious miracle. He also loves drinking from a sippy cup.

Edwin has started to crawl on his hands and knees this past week (although he still gets around faster when he army crawls) and he's standing up on EVERYTHING, sometimes holding on with just one hand. So adventurous!

Just today he was holding onto a chair and as it started sliding across the kitchen floor he just walked with it. Suddenly he is all grown up!

I'm thankful for his chubby little fingers and his sweet baby softness that still keeps him snuggly.

Edwin is just such a joy to have around.

He makes our family complete, and we wouldn't have him any other way!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Kate @ 2.5 years

Katherine Anora

turned 2.5 years old on February 3rd!

Answers to:
Kate, Katherine, cutie, my girl

Likes to:
practice her name. I love hearing her playing in the other room saying "Kate Al-son. Kate Al-son."
wear her princess crown every day

make up songs about princesses
give kisses
talk on the "phone" to Nona, Papa, and Ermee (her cousin, AnnMarie)

make major messes

get undressed and then dress herself  with shirts on her legs or Edwin's onesies around her waist. (She will fit right in with her generation's strange teenage fashion trends, I'm sure.)
and most of all she likes to listen to music, dance and make anything artistic!

pic from FHE making Valentines. Glue sticks are her new favorite thing.

Hates to:
take naps

When I caught her during naptime she said "oh... Kate opened the box."
 eat lettuce and similar crunchy veggies
go to sleep at night before 11pm

Funny things she's said lately:
(When Edwin turned to look at her while I got her dressed)
"Edwin, stop it see the Kate!"

(When Edwin splashed water that hit her in the face during bathtime)
"Edwin splash the Kate eyes!"

Kate is gorgeous and growing up into such a happy, helpful, and sweet little girl. Can't believe she'll be 3 in August!