Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Edwin @ 12 Months

Yesterday, on March 31st, this little guy turned ONE!

We started the day off up at the temple with a fantastic view of the sunrise.

Paradise Donuts were shared by all.

The best part about living in Idaho are the clouds. It makes for amazing colors in the sky every morning!

Sunrise selfie!!

Jon went straight to work and I had the kids for the day. We enjoyed story time at the library (where Kate was very adamant that she and Edwin both get bear hand stamps), then went to President and Sister Clark's last devotional at BYU-Idaho (where both kids fell asleep on me), then we shared some Jamba Juice with our good friend Lara, and made Edwin's birthday cake!

 Jon picked this s'mores cake from my Pinterest, and it turned out AMAZING! Toasted marshmallow frosting between layers of moist dark chocolate cake, and a dark hot chocolate Belgian frosting on top. (We don't care for malt, so we did the dark hot chocolate instead of Ovaltine like the recipe calls for).

We went to a fun ward activity with taco salads for dinner:

and then came home for birthday time!

 I'm not really sure if Kate knew what was going on, but she was happy playing with her Little Mermaid carriage :)

 Edwin was mesmerized by the candle while we sang Happy Birthday to him:

The instant that a slice of cake was set in front of him he wasted no time diving in face first:


 He basically spent most of the time sucking on it.

We loved how the layers all complimented each other so well. Seriously. Everyone should make this cake.

 We all had a great time, but I just loved this look of giving up on Kate's face! haha

Yes, Edwin's first cake experience was definitely a success!

We're super in love with him.

 He demolished the rest of his cake with hands full of chocolatey bites.
After some intense clean up and a warm soaky bath, we regrouped for presents!

Edwin was spoiled with cards, a beautiful wood-burned box made by Jon, and his very own rag quilt that I made to coordinate with Kate's.

He even got his very first dollar!

Details of his personalized keepsake box:

There are 5 stars on the front and back because our family crest has 10 stars.

I'm so glad that he'll have something unique to keep for years to come!

Super fun birthday box from the O'Keefe family:

Kate had a lot of fun helping open Edwin's gifts:

Edwin got new clothes, some awesome movies, and organic pb&j (natural fruit spread) for his favorite lunch sandwich :)

And here he is all snuggled and ready for bed in his new blanket!

Some fun facts about Edwin at 12 months:
He has 6 teeth (four on top, two on bottom)
Edwin will eat almost anything but especially loves pb&j sandwiches.
He is walking while holding onto things and loves to scoot chairs around the house.
He sleeps all night and still takes 2 naps a day.
If he could be held and snuggled all day he would be perfectly happy.
He is obsessed with light switches and pictures on the wall.
He points at things he wants and says "dis, dis, dis" (this) to everything.
He and Kate are best friends and love to play together.
Edwin enjoys clapping toys together, chewing on everything, and giggling at Margo.
at his 1 year check up he is 28.25 inches long and weighs 17lbs

Happy Birthday, Mr. Wynn!
We are so glad to have you in our eternal family :)

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Brittany said...

Happy Birthday Edwin! What a handsome little guy! And Kate is so beautiful already! Great pics!