Thursday, June 11, 2015

Easter Sunday

In all the latest excitement, I totally neglected to post about our Easter Sunday!

Easter had great timing this year, being right in between Edwin's 1st birthday and Jon's 30th birthday. Because of this, and a well timed mission reunion in SLC, Jon's parents were able to come visit us for a few days and spend Easter Sunday at our home in Idaho :)

We also went to the Museum of Idaho with them and drove up to the Targhee National Forest. I guess we should have taken a few more group pictures! haha

Kate's Easter basket
(98% non-candy!)

Jon's Easter basket
(100% total candy)

Edwin's Easter basket:

Coloring pages for Kate:

Edwin had a blast playing with leftover balloons from his birthday lunch the day before:

Kate reading "The Littlest Bunny in Idaho"

Kate got to color Easter eggs with Papa!

Showing off Easter eggs to Nonna:

I was busy the week prior to Easter sewing up outfits for the kids, and since I didn't get a new Easter dress this year (but we had leftover fabric) Jon made me this skirt!!
Yes. He 100% made this all by himself:

Dress I made for Kate
(Jon picked out the owl buttons)

Jon got a matching bowtie, and I also made a matching vest and bowtie for Wynn
(buttons were saved from an old cardigan of mine that died years ago)

Oh my gosh, he looked SO handsome!!!

Together, I just can't even handle the cuteness. Kate picked out her own hair flower:

We had General Conference that day instead of regular church, so we all wore our outfits again the week after.

Edwin crawled around the house like a fiend while we listened to the conference talks and Jon and I worked in the kitchen. Then he crashed HARD.

but like, SO cute.

Kate helped me make deviled eggs to go with dinner (hence the EXTRA paprika)

Nonna brought her famous homemade sugar cookies all the way from California for our whole family!

Edwin was THRILLED

Our family on Easter Sunday
(it was SUPER windy)

Well, after a fantastic dinner, carrot cake, and watching Big Hero 6, we were wiped out!

The best part of it all was spending this incredible holy celebration at home together. While Christmas has so much build up and hype, it almost seems sometimes like Easter is skipped over. We celebrate spring, and dress up all fancy, but the real reason we do it all is for the love and appreciation of our Savior.

image from

I am so thankful for the atonement, and that we can teach our children about the real love our Savior has for us. The suffering he went through so that we all can return to our Father in Heaven was a REAL experience.

Our family celebrates this day and testifies of Jesus Christ, that he lives!

We are part of the most incredible plan the universe has to offer, and Easter Sunday marks the most significant day in human history: Christ's resurrection. His overcoming death made it possible for us all to do the same, a blessing for which I am eternally grateful.

To learn more about Jesus Christ, his ministry, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, check out

Happy Easter, everyone!

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Brittany Lewis said...

Steph, this weird thing happened where I haven't been seeing any of your Facebook updates. I don't know why. But anyway today I stalked your page some to make up for it. Your Easter outfits are just amazing! You guys are so talented. And Jon got a job teaching at byui??! Holy cow, so awesome. Your kids couldn't be any cuter. Hope you're having a good summer!!!