Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Edwin @ 14 months

Edwin is quite a busy toddler.

He is working on walking and will stand for a few seconds on his own, but still won't take steps without holding onto at least one hand.

Edwin adores Kate and loves to follow her around and laugh at everything she does. They enjoy bath time together (even when Kate dumps cups of water on his head) and Wynn is great at splashing.

 Edwin also loves playing with Margo and giggles whenever she is around.

He likes to "talk" with my cell phone up to his ear and seriously "read" books.

Jon and Wynn during one of our weekly trips to the library

Edwin listens very well and signs "all done" and "more". He waves goodbye and also loves to wave his arms when we sing in church :) He hasn't officially said any words yet, but he babbles a lot and points and grunts at what he wants. He says a lot of things that sound almost like words: "this", "yeah", and he can shake his head "no" or nod "yes" very well.

He is a mischievous little man and knows when he is testing his limits, but gives me a sly smile and watches to see if I will tell him "no".

He loves to open and close doors, drawers, and the lid to the trash can. He is an expert at unrolling the toilet paper rolls. He is very curious about people's faces and loves touching eyes on baby dolls. He likes to take things apart and see how they work. He points at ceiling lights everywhere we go and loves to turn on/off light switches.

Edwin still only has 6 teeth, (4 on top, 2 on bottom) and hasn't cut a new tooth in 4 months, but it feels like the rest are coming soon!

He has been such a great eater and has gained 3lbs in the last two months (hallelujah!)

He loves green smoothies, bananas, yogurt, apples, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, avocados, and tomatoes.

Edwin is still nursing once a day, just first thing in the morning. He is the biggest snuggle bug and naps twice a day (in the morning at 11am and in the afternoon at 3pm.) I LOVE IT.

Edwin with Grandpapa

The hardest part about Edwin's personality right now is that he is very nervous with strangers. As long as I'm holding him he will smile at people and even reach his hands out for them. But as soon as someone else tries to hold him he CRIES. I'm trying not to encourage the separation anxiety, but it's hard sometimes. He even prefers that I hold him rather than Jon. He can be a major whiner, which is also really challenging. He is a screecher and will squeal with frustration when he doesn't immediately get his way.

The CUTEST part about Edwin at this age is that he is a huge flirt. Oh man, that smile!! He enjoys kisses and will giggle at me and hold my face. He can't pucker his lips yet, but he gets this cute little smile and leans in for kisses. He likes to pull toys up to his face and snuggle them.

I'm so glad that he still has a lot of babyness, crawling around and getting cute little hiccups. It's fun to take him with us on hikes. He really enjoys the Ergo carrier and peeks his little face out!

We are enjoying little Wynn in our family and look forward to the great milestones coming up this year!

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