Friday, June 5, 2015

Kate @ 2 years 10 months

Kate is moving fast through her toddler years.

She loves to sing primary songs, go to church, and story time at the library.

She keeps us cracking up with the funny things she says. This morning I was making breakfast and she said (referring to herself and Edwin), "Mom! Look at all the guys! They are laughing!" I must call her and Edwin "you guys" a lot, because she also tells me, "Mom, the guys need a bath!" almost every day. Bath time is a favorite for both of them :)

Kate is not yet potty trained, but gets really excited about sitting on the toilet and wearing big girl underwear. I'm not in a rush as I just want it to be a good experience for her. I know that she'll get it figured out when she's ready. In the meantime she runs around naked whenever she can.

Kate enjoys talking to people and will say hi to strangers everywhere we go. She really loves other kids and always wants to play with them. While we were on a walk last week she saw a few people from our ward sitting out on the grass in front of the building next to ours. She said, "Mom, look at those kids! They are all playing! I want to say hi to them."

Kate's favorite activities are coloring with sidewalk chalk, painting with water colors, coloring with markers (she is getting REALLY good at smiley faces), reading books, and listening to music.

We have been working on shapes and letters, and Kate can recognize her name when we write it.

Kate likes to hold hands and give hugs.

Kate and Avey at BYUI

Kate and Macie

Sharing is still hard for her a lot of the time, but every now and again I'll see her randomly give toys to Edwin, like when he is sad. One day Edwin crawled up to a blanket on the floor and put his head down in defeat. Kate, who was sitting on the couch, opened her arms wide and said, "Oh Edwin, you are sad! Come here, I will hold you."

Kate is starting to use past/present/future tenses in her speech. She is very curious and will ask all sorts of questions about where people are, what they are doing, and about objects she sees. Yesterday Jon's phone was sitting on the edge of the couch and Kate said, "Where is daddy's phone?" and I asked her to show me where it was. She pointed and said, "He left it on the couch!"

One of the newest things Kate says is "sure, sure" in response to me asking her if she would like to do something. For instance, I'll say, "Kate, would you like to go on a walk?" And she'll say, "Oh yeah, sure! Sure, sure, Mommy. Sure. I like to go on walks."

Kate is devious and sly. She tries to find ways to do what she wants, even when she knows it isn't what I would like her to do. She hides toys in odd places, throws crayons across the room, unravels thread from my sewing machine, and sneaks around the side of the clubhouse when we are outside playing so that she is just out of the range of my vision. She did this just yesterday and proceeded to pull about 50 doggy potty bags out of the cubby by the dog park. Oy. My good friend Lara helped me bunch them all up and we had Kate carry them ALL back to the apartment.

Kate enjoys helping us sew,

and also likes to help me cook and bake. She always asks to sit on the counter and help while I'm making dinner.

She also likes to pick at the bread dough when it rises and gets very excited about ice cream and desserts.

We love this girl and her sweet hugs, her snuggles, and her love for her brother. She always wants to be the one to get Edwin when he wakes up from his naps, or she will hug him when he is sad and tell him, "I love you". Kate is a great light in our family, and we can't wait to see what this fireball does next!

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