Saturday, August 1, 2015

Edwin @ 16 months

Every month is so different with these kids. It's crazy as I look back on updates from one month to the next how much their personalities increase. Here are some of my favorite (and crazy) things about Edwin right now :) 

He has a favorite blankie that he WILL NOT go to sleep without.

I just love it when they sleep...
He always falls asleep the same way; on his tummy with his arms straight down to his sides over his blankie. He has done this for months and it's just so stinkin' cute! He doesn't stay that way all night, but I love seeing him assume the resting position haha

this was after he had been asleep for a while and shifted

Edwin is obsessed with walking and will bring his shoes to me so that we can go outside.

He loves music and starts dancing immediately when a song starts playing. He is the master of rocking out in a one-armed pumped up jam. Anything with a heavy beat makes him especially happy. :) It's always nice to see how quickly music can calm him down too. We sing primary songs during the day and he always goes down for a nap with "I am a Child of God" or "Families can be Together Forever".

Edwin's favorite place to sit is on the trash can next to the toilet...

I'm not really sure why, but he also likes to pull things OUT of the trash. Q-tips, diapers, empty yogurt containers, plastic wrap. It's pretty gross. I often have to put the trash cans and rolls of toilet paper up on the counters where he can't reach them.

Edwin is really good at following simple directions and enjoys cleaning up. He is great at putting away colored pencils, throwing his own diapers in the trash after he is changed, and will help me unload the dishwasher.

He also loves to have his teeth brushed, tries to climb into the tub every time he hears the bath water going, and insists on turning light switches on and off whenever possible. He says, "hite! for "light".

 Edwin loves making monkey sounds "ooh, ooh, ooh!"  

He signs: all done, more, please, food, thank-you

"Thank-you! Yes, I am trying to eat Margo's food!"
He likes to point at our faces and we are working on understanding body parts. He says, "has, has" for "eyes".
Edwin nods "yes" and shakes his head "no"
Says: "this" "hot" "gol-ga" (no idea what that means), and "ya-ya-ya" as he nods
He babbles very seriously and will even ramble incoherent "talk" to me or Jon on the phone.
His preferred method of communication is still screaming as loud as possible.
We are working on that.

He's lucky that he is so ridiculously handsome. I just can't even handle it!

Ladies . . .

Yes, he will leave them on for our whole walk.
Edwin climbs like a fiend,

and enjoys riding his trike everywhere he can.

Baby Wynn LOVES kisses and hugs.

I promise, he really does.
 Sometimes he tries to eat my face. I wish I had a picture of when the tables are turned and he turns me into a slobbery mess. He gives great hugs and will reach out for me and squeeze his little arms around my face.

Edwin really enjoys opening and closing doors, but if he accidentally closes one all the way and is stuck inside a room without anyone else he FREAKS OUT.

The most frustrating thing about Edwin right now is that he is going through a stage of hitting and pinching. We're working on being soft instead, but sometimes it just comes out of nowhere and you really have to guard your eyeballs! He also bites and likes to stick his fingers in your mouth. Maybe he'll go into dentistry someday.

Although Edwin is generally goofy, he is also excessively pouty and dramatic (guess which side of the family that comes from HAHA)

No more pictures, please. I can't take the attention.

If I had to pick, I would say that Edwin's favorite food is currently bananas. It is the first thing that he wants to eat each morning. He likes them for snacks and as after dinner treats. I limit him to one per day, but he would probably eat 4 or 5 if I let him!

We just adore little Edwin in our family.

Fingerpainting mess-maker and all :)

 Nothing beats his snuggly hugs laying his head on your shoulder when he is tired. Edwin is full of so much love and enjoys life. He helps me slow down and see that sometimes it is ok to just sit on the couch and read books together all afternoon :) Our family is better with him in it!

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