Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Dozen

Jon and I had our first date in January 2004. We went to Taco Bell and saw Cheaper by the Dozen in theaters. (You've all heard this story, I'm sure.)

Fast forward 12 years, and it is 2016! Typically on our anniversary we re-watch Cheaper by the Dozen and eat Taco Bell, or go see a new movie in theaters and eat fast food of some sort. Just a throwback to our first date in some fashion.

But THIS year was number 12! A dozen years. And since we saw Cheaper by the Dozen the very first time we really hung out together, this just had to be a bigger year. "12 is our number." -Kate Baker, Cheaper by the Dozen

Our family, 12 years after our first date :)

My awesome friend, Jordan, came over to help me plan. Since Jon had Friday off of work, we made it the anniversary celebration day! We had a list of 12 things to do, including taking a family picture, which Jordan did for us ^^ :) 

On Friday morning I gave Jon a dozen eggs:

A dozen balloons:

A dozen hearts, spelling out "A Dozen Years!"

 A dozen drawings, full of a dozen things:

thanks for all your suggestions on facebook! (see: a dozen meatballs, a dozen hot wings, a dozen flowers, etc...)

 Two of the pictures were of our first date... to now

For breakfast I cooked 12 strips of bacon (they were only half strips. and since we haven't eaten bacon in months it was a little much! haha!)

Then for lunch we had a dozen things from Taco Bell!

Kate picked this picture for the blog. She said it is silly ;)

Amongst the 12 things we did throughout the day were:
-Going on a walk
-Giving high fives
-Writing letters to each other to open in 12 years
-Watching Cheaper by the Dozen
-Baking a dozen cookies
-Painting a picture together!

We already had a blank canvas sitting around, so we asked the kids what they wanted to paint a picture of, and Kate said, "We want to paint with our feet!" So we did...

 Don't worry, I got in on the action too! The purple paint is from my foot.

After bath time we went up to the temple to watch the Sunset together. :)

It was such a fun family day, and I'm so glad that we spent year number 12 all together!

Happy 12 Years of dating, Jon! I'm excited to see where we are 12 years from now. :)

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