Thursday, February 4, 2016

Edwin @ 22 Months

At the end of January Edwin hit 22 months! I don't know where he was looking in this picture, but it was still super cute :D

He gets more and more handsome every day. :)

Edwin loves to "read" and enjoys looking at books when we go to the library each week. I always let the kids pick out a couple books to bring home. Last week Edwin chose, "I love my Mommy Because..." :) this was not a surprise. Edwin is the most loving, mommy-attached kid around.

He also loves to color, and it's been fun to see how he follows along with what Kate does. Here are the pictures they colored this week in nursery:

Kate colored Jesus' face, and so did Edwin...

Kate colored the door of the church, and the faces of the family, and so did Edwin...

Edwin is still very much a mama's boy and needs to be around me all the time. Here he fell asleep on the floor with his leg over my foot while I was writing in my journal. haha! :D

He is my little Linus, carrying around his blanket and sucking his thumb. :D I have tried to catch a picture of him snuggling nearby, but he is elusive. While I was preparing for class the other day, he sat on my lap at the computer with his head down on the desk in front of me. He is just too cute!

Edwin says small sentences like, "Mommy, help me!" and "More, please, mommy." He is stringing words together and can acknowledge when something belongs to another person in the family, "Kate's blanket" or "Margo's crate".  He also loves to tell us when things are funny.

His favorite foods are bananas ("banalalas"), yogurt ("ro-grit"), toast, cheese, Larabars ("lo-bar"), oranges, apples, waffles, and cookies. haha!

Cutest of all, Edwin LOVES to pray. He insists that our bedtime routine is prayer FIRST and then a song. And he always has to be the one to say, or at least lead prayer-time. I'll leave you with my favorite Edwin prayer that he actually gave the other night:

A Prayer: by Edwin
January 27, 2016

Edwin: "Fodder" (Heavenly Father)
Mommy: "Yes, Heavenly Father. We are thankful for this day."
E: "day! church!"
M: "ok, and church."
E: "nos" (snow)
M: "and snow... and we are thankful for our family."
E: "daddy!"
M: "and daddy."
E: "daddy!"
M: "and gram"
E: "gam!"
M: "and nonna and papa"
E: "papa!"
M: "and..."
E: "nonna!"
M: "and grandpa"
E: "nonna!"
M: "and grandpa"
E: "nonna!"
M: "and..."
E: "gappa!"
M: "we ask thee to bless us."
E: "church!"
M: ...
E: "nos!" (snow again)
M: ...
E: "eggs!"
M: [laughing] "please help us to sleep well."
E: "waffles!"
M: [laughing harder] "and help us to be safe."
E: "safe."
M: "In the name..."
E: "name!"
M: "...of Jesus Christ..."
E: "Christ."
M: "amen."
E: "YAY!!!!" (followed by hand clapping)

Happy 22 months, little man!

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