Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Katherine: 3 years 8 months

I don't seem to keep up with milestones for Kate as well as I used to. It turns out that once your child is 3, saying repeatedly that they, "got more sassy today" just isn't as exciting as when they are under 2 and take first steps, discover new foods, and try adventurous things every month ;)

love those honey-brown eyes and rosy cheeks!

Even still I find myself taking note on a weekly basis of all the great things Kate can do, and what a sweet little lady she is growing into. She is a mini-mom and loves to take care of children smaller than her. She is always reminding Edwin that it's time to brush our teeth, or lay down for naps. It hit me this week that Kate will be 5 next Summer, and therefore starting kindergarten in the Fall of 2017... I am not ready.

In the meantime, Kate has been attending "little school" at BYU-Idaho this semester.

first day of school! she was too distracted to look at me. haha!

She loves the preschool lab! The child development and early childhood education majors get hands-on experience working with children ages 3-5 and in turn there is research conducted and observation booths where faculty, parents, and students can watch for behavior and interaction with the children. All the while the kids get to learn and play, getting an introductory school experience. Win/win!

This week they sent home some developmental information for us on Katherine, including how she recognizes all her letters, is starting to sound out words, and knows her shapes and colors with 100% accuracy. She also can put small puzzles together by herself, and enjoys creative art like coloring and painting (which we definitely already knew!) Kate also loves to read, and has a desire to read a book every day in class, whether the teachers read to her, or she reads to herself. One of my favorite parts of the letter was when they said that Kate is "so nice to everyone in the classroom and is willing to lend a helping hand whenever it is needed." :) It made me and Jon really happy to hear, since she is often more of an observer and quiet in new situations.

As part of little school, Kate was able to bring home her very own goldfish last week when they had a unit about animals. She named him Horse. :D

Can you see how excited she is??

See the horse sticker that Kate put on his take-home jar? Seemed appropriate.

We picked out an aquarium and some food for Horse, and I learned ALL about the proper care of goldfish. Together we learned how to rinse his new environment, condition the water, and the kids helped us move Horse into his new tank after 24 hours. Who knew that goldfish were so much work??

"Wish I could be... part of that WORLD..."

Horse is now happily swimming in his mini-aquarium, and Kate helps me feed him every day at lunch time. He's been a great addition to the family, and a lovely decorative addition to our bookshelf ;)

Occasionally I get a glimpse back at those baby days, when Kate would sleep with her hands up by her face.

Kate is silly, sweet, sassy, and charming. :)

new swimsuit!

SUCH a Kate face!
Being almost 4 is an interesting transition between toddler cuteness and big-girl status. Some days I look at her and it seems there is no trace of babyness left at all. Then other days she just wants to hug me and be wrapped in blankets, and she is STILL not potty trained, so changing diapers definitely helps keep me grounded in baby-care mode. ;)

Some of the most entertaining things that Kate has said lately are that she told me she wants a train on her cake for her 15th birthday. So this is definitely happening. Also, she recently called Edwin her "little tiger" and while Jon was at work asked, "Where is my big daddy boy??" haha!

Kate has also started telling me about her dreams. On February 26th she said she dreamt about doors. It's been really exciting to see how much more interactive she is getting at preschool and at library story time each week. She sings songs around the house like "If you're happy and you know it" and regularly requests that we sing "ring around the rosy" :) It makes my mama heart so happy when I see her join in the song time at the library, or share with friends at school. I asked her the other day what her favorite part of school has been, and she said, "Playing and reading with my teachers." :) She also told me her favorite friend at school is Avery.

For the rest of this Spring and into the Summer we are looking into gymnastics or dance, and swim lessons for Kate so that she can start to find new interests. I can't wait to see how she learns and grows heading into turning 4 this August!

I love seeing her friendship with Edwin grow, and that every time someone comes over to our house she says, "This is my friend, Margo!" Kate always asks for mac and cheese or spaghetti and meatballs, and of course strawberries with every meal. ;) She loves the movie Dumbo, and is obsessed with Daniel Tiger. There are so many other little things that I could share about Kate: how she loves wearing necklaces and asks to have earrings (which we told her she can decide on when she is 8), how she has never ever had her hair cut, how she insists on wearing pretty skirts and dresses as much as possible, and how she loves to have Edwin dance with her in the living room. She always asks to help me make dinner, and thinks play-doh is the best toy ever, she loves books and always asks us to read her a book after prayers at night. Kate tests my patience majorly, but she also teaches me so much. Our life is better with her in it!

We are so glad to have Miss Kate in our forever family. :)

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